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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Swift, Apr 8, 2021.

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    That is not true, once you have activated a quest in one version of the game it will be in the other - the databases are the same, only the visual method of delivery to you is different. I have also done this myself to accept and complete my quests while the bug was active.
    The issue with the Flash Quests has now been corrected, you should be able to accept the quests in either Unity or Flash versions now without any problem.

    If you are still experiencing problems please create a post in the Technical Issues section of the forum including your Server and UserID along with a screenshot of the issue if possible.

    The quest progress was reset and we are unable to restore any of the completed quest data. Unfortunately, this is a scenario in which the only option is to complete the quests again.

    We understand the resources used, along with time and perseverance. Therefore we issued an improved voucher code than was intended, found in the
    Voucher Codes thread:
  2. @Swift aslong we have to do so many quest from the start again, since it cant be fixed in another way, would it not be great if they could reset the daily 2 times in a day instead of 1?
  3. Swift

    Swift Board Administrator Team Seafight


    That is something to place in the Idea's and Suggestions section of the forum to grasp an idea of what other players think before we forward it along.

  4. Ok, thanks for taking time to answere me :) Have a nice day :)
  5. Is there any voucher on the way after all those problems who has happened into this game, therehas been trouble with many uest givers. And it does time to take them, you can barely maybe get 1 hour of fighting, before it turns into -10 % and so on...its very annoying. It should been reduced.

    If I buy a payment package with Sellsword or what ever, I do not pay for 24 hours,or the days. I pay at least for using it until it turns to -10%, everytime I/we do play. Is that fair ? It should really been done something about hat cooldown, when the ship is logged out the timers should stop aswell, in every payment packages.

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