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Should a new server be activated? (Old System Until 8-10 Years Ago)

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Beep-Beep01

    Beep-Beep01 Forum Greenhorn

    First of all, Selamun Aleykum to the entire Seafight Team and @Seren As you know, Seafight turned into a P2W game 2-4 years ago. It has officially declared itself complete with the updates it has brought. Since it was P2W, players left the game and the Underground update came while we were leaving the game. Why don't the Seafight team and the BIGPOINT team take a step to regain their players? They've been trying to make a game like Seafight for years. Many similar games have emerged and generally have 1,000 players or more in total for 3 games. Why not re-sign these players? Let's say the old patch of Seafight, or 7/8 years ago, around 2014/2016. Might it not be possible to reopen a new SERVER with an old patch? Seafight was a great web-based game that no one could give up. If SEAFIGHT takes such a step, DOES IT HAVE NO INFORMATION ABOUT HOW MANY PLAYERS WILL START THIS GAME AGAIN? Many people want SEAFIGHT and BIGPOINT to open a new server and go back to the old days. You still have the chance to ACTIVATE such an Old Server with a 50% - 60% discount from the current package prices and win these players again. No one can achieve this success by opening such games, but you can. YOU ARE A GREAT FAMILY AND A GREAT COMMUNITY. If you activate this server again before the game gets worse and ends, more than +5000 players will start this server. Just like in the old system, you can activate the first 10 Maps and After with updates. Everyone is waiting for good news from you. Please answer. Regards. @Rymar
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  2. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight


    Thank you for your feedback, we will pass it onto the appropriate party.

    As far as I am aware no new servers are planned to be open as for now.

    Please keep an eye on the Official Announcements, if new servers will be planned we will inform you over there.

    Happy Sailing!


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