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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Lord.Megatron, Jan 14, 2022 at 11:43 PM.

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  1. Lord.Megatron

    Lord.Megatron Forum Greenhorn

    Hello guys ,

    I started the game again after 8 years with a new account and i have to say there are so many issues with the quests.

    1 Right now I cannot find anywhere on the map the NPC Akkorospawn in order to pass my test for the next level,this npc is nowhere on the map and i 've read somewhere that this is supposed to appear randomly like the Karkinos NPC it could even appear on higher levels, why does an NPC required for 9 lvl appears on higher levels as well AND only 1 time in all of the maps????what kind of logic is this?

    Guys this is ridiculous i ve been trying to find it 3 days now and i am stuck at this level because of this how is this normal to you?this system simply does not work how do you expect a player to waste 3 days to find 1 npc in order to complete his quest?

    2 You are giving us the information about the quests (which npc to sunk , which monster's to kill )but again NO freaking information on where to find them , this information should be accesible-visible at the guy that give's us the quest, it is not normal and customer friendly-oriented to have to search the whole forum in order to see where this npc appears or search the entire seafight map.

    3 Even though i have enough XP for the next level you do not allow me to bypass all the quests that just give's me XP that I DO NOT NEED since i already have the required one?
    If a player has the required XP then he should had the chance to just make the level test only and not do all the uneccesary quests that justs give's XP points.

    Even though the game always had the logic "pay us more and more every 6 months" it has now completly lost the player oriented logic, you must fix these issues asap otherwise you will see no particular growth in your business and most importanly you will even lose the players-customers that are staying all these years.

    I need assistance with the Akkorospawn NPC ASAP
  2. Nimitz

    Nimitz S-Moderator Team Seafight

    Ahoy mate,

    The akkorospawn can be found in 1 or 28/1.

    Hitpoints: 10,000,000.
    Boarding Value: 15,000.

    Reward for Boarding:
    20x Triton's Blessing (chance).
    5x Triton's Benevolence (chance).
    2x Triton's Crowns (chance).

    Reward for Destroying (Damage Share):
    40x Triton's Blessing (chance).
    20x Triton's Benevolence (chance).
    4x Triton's Crowns (chance).

    Map Locations: 1 and 28/1.

    Please read the
    NPC page in the SF Bible for more NPC information :)

    As for more information on the quests, if you look at the seafight Bible index you can see all the quests as well as what maps or quests where the requirements can be found.

    Finally, you will indeed need to complete the whole quest line in order to start the next test. That is a requirement for advancement.

    Hope you find this helpful!

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