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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seren, Sep 2, 2020.

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  1. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Ocean´s Wrath

    Ahoy Pirates,

    Please leave any feedback in this discussion thread, for your thoughts and comments on Ocean´s Wrath.

    Remember to stay within forum rules or you may find your forum privileges removed.

    Your Seafight Team

    AIRTEC Forum Apprentice

    2020-09-02 12:35:25You received 150672 EXP (experience points).2020-09-02 12:35:25You received 23626 Elite point(s). 450m hp ship 4 of us shooting it and this is the reward :p
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  3. Oskar

    Oskar Forum Apprentice

    Shot 2 bosses from the start with about 10-15 players 4k elp from one of them and 17 crystals from the other one very nice
  4. õWler

    õWler Someday Author

    lol kinda funny ..
    What event is this anyway what good its bring to us?
    More money for you lol?
    Whose ideas is it for this kind of system reward giving?
    Go play some top game and see what they give for their loyal player
    should be ashamed of yourself bp
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  5. BOMBER890

    BOMBER890 Forum Apprentice

    First tigerfin i shot 100k pearls , all next once 10k is this a joke? Jesus christ this game is doomed
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    CAPTIAN*RYAN Forum Greenhorn

    something needs to change either npc hp needs to come down by 75% and rewards stay the same or rewards need to go up to make this event even anything good
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  7. Mav®o-GR

    Mav®o-GR Junior Expert

    2020-09-02 18:08:58
    You received 35 x Crystals.
    2020-09-02 18:08:58
    You received 120389 EXP (experience points).
    JOKE?after 200k+ ammo spend
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  8. Oskar

    Oskar Forum Apprentice

    After some work I managed to get most damage on one and I really feel like the 4524 pearls makes it worth my time.


    English only please as the is the EN forum
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  9. Satan_Himself

    Satan_Himself Forum Baron

  10. rubenrs

    rubenrs Active Author

    Has anyone gotten cannon from event chest yet? I am 131 event keys in, still no cannon. Painbringer lvl 1 in chest really was the highlight for me.

    Also, the sharks are creating lagg. Could you cap the amount of sharks in a map or something like this?
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  11. Pino

    Pino Someday Author

    This is the best event ever

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  12. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Count Count


    Any danger of a tigerfin giving a decent amount of crowns/yulong ? like 10k crowns 500yulong? or anything near[/QUOTE]
    2020-09-02 12:38:34 You received 15303 x Crowns.
    2020-09-02 12:38:34 You received 72420 EXP (experience points).
    2020-09-02 12:38:34 You sank Tigerfin's ship.

    Quoting something that is against forum rules has resulted in an infraction
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  13. kb_rembrandt

    kb_rembrandt Someday Author

    2020-09-02 14:24:16
    You received 9717 x Pearls.
    2020-09-02 14:24:16
    You received 51654 EXP (experience points).
    2020-09-02 14:24:16
    You sank Tigerfin's ship.
  14. Xenoverse

    Xenoverse Junior Expert

    Well [...]
  15. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Forum Baron

    Kraken ammo costs ~60% more but only does ~40% more damage. So, what exactly is the advantage of the event ammo?
  16. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Count Count

    2020-09-02 12:38:34 You received 15303 x Crowns.
    2020-09-02 12:38:34 You received 72420 EXP (experience points).
    2020-09-02 12:38:34 You sank Tigerfin's ship.

    Quoting something that is against forum rules has resulted in an infraction
    I am sorry, but I have no idea what I did wrong. I just replied to a post..? It would be nice to know (instead of just getting a bold red infraction) and be left wondering.
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  17. avokate

    avokate Forum Apprentice

    2020-09-03 02:53:44
    You received 1000 x Crowns.
    2020-09-03 02:53:44
    You received 4819 x Pearls.
    2020-09-03 02:53:44
    You received 100978 Elite point(s).
    2020-09-03 02:53:44
    You received 682191 EXP (experience points).
    2020-09-03 02:53:43
    You sank Enkir Marauder's ship.
    i spend to finish the admiral like 700k-1m ammunition
    i dont remember well bat i know that i finish alone the admiral and i get this rewars...try to do something and about the small npc tigerfin's
    i never reiceve crowns or yolung
  18. bobthebuilder80

    bobthebuilder80 Someday Author

    i used over 500k pearl amo and only got
    2020-09-02 23:52:39
    You received 55731 Elite point(s).
    2020-09-02 23:52:39
    You received 384079 EXP (experience points).

    this event sucks wow what a bad event this is very bad
  19. StarLightS

    StarLightS Junior Expert

    First day I shot 110 tigerfin and I got 52k crowns and 1800 yulong. The 1800 yulong was from 1 tigerfin which is actually really good but considering the drop rate makes it not that worth it. One tigerfin also gave me 16k crowns which would would mean it took around 3 npc to get crowns. Could be a really good event if the drop rate was better so you get your crowns back for shooting with Kraken which you definitely don't since 1m kraken ammo costs 66k crowns and I have a hard time to believe 1 m kraken ammo can shoot 110 tigerfin (I used flare to shoot the first day).
    And also make the admiral give actual rewards, because I'm sure everyone wants some elite points a few thousands of pearls and crowns for wasting hundrends of thousands of elite ammo right? hehehehe.... no I don't think so
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  20. BOMBER890

    BOMBER890 Forum Apprentice

    You guys announced that the tigerfin would have less hp but the hp didnt change , also the event chests do not contain painbringer cannons so that was also a lie , i would recommand getting your forum in check before posting something because this is misleading information and isnt correct at all . Im not even gonna talk about the lag yesterday , if you want your game to be played make it worth it ... This is not going in the right direction .
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