Suggestion Offer "Separated" packs for purchase in the In-game Shop.

Discussion in 'Idea Pool & Suggestions' started by The*Defiant, Nov 22, 2022.

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  1. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Demigod

    I don't play Atlantis, so buying ANY "blended"pack that has torpedos, etc. is a total waste of money for me (and I won't do it), since I will never use those items. That said, there are more Seafight items I would like to acquire over time, but they are specific to Seafight.

    Suggestion: Offer 3 different packages: "Seafight", "Atlantis", and "Both Games" packages for sale from now on.

    Thank you.:)
  2. -PUSAT-

    -PUSAT- Active Author

    You have my vote my Sea fight brother, Atlantis is a waste of time when the main game has so many holes in it, and with that said You and your Family have a wonderful Thanksgiving Be safe and remember i always have your Six:):)
  3. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Demigod

    I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving as well, mate. And as you know, I appreciate your support. You're one of my few true friends on this game.;)
  4. Hey M8.......well....I am on the verge of quitting SF again, so it might be a moot point for me. I have, however, been looking at those packs and it seems that if you take out the Atlantis junk, the packs are about what they were originally. Just a thought...take a look at them and see if you agree with me. It's like they added Atlantis items without really changing the prices. I think we both agree that the packs are loaded with items that aren't necessary or wanted anyway being for Seafight or Atlantis. I would like to see them selling individual items....I honestly think they would make just as much money by doing this. I have never really understood why they do these combo packs anyway.
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  5. -Mr.Eyüp-

    -Mr.Eyüp- Junior Expert

    101% yes!! I have'nt even tried the Atlantis and I dont have any plans about it either. So seperate pacages is indeed a good idea
  6. Sea-Sea

    Sea-Sea Forum Inhabitant

    I think, that they should put together packages, were you can pick the content yourself. fx. they could have a point system, were every item has a point value, and then you can buy "points" and make your own package. fx. Officers lvl 5 for 7 days is 1 point, Trainers lvl 5 for 7 days 1 point, 5 pcs Overlord lvl 5 1 point etc. and then you can buy points, more points you buy, cheaper will every point be. fx. 1 point for 5 EUR, 5 points for 20 EUR, 10 points for 30 EURO etc. In this way, players will get exactly what they want, and you dont have to buy a package with 15 items, were off 10 items are useless for you. I'm pretty sure, that BP would sell many more packages, and players would be much more happier, as they paid for items they really needed.

    With the present setup with packages with mostly items I do not need, I will not buy any packages, especially packages with Atlantis items included as I have no intention what so ever to play the Atlantis version and build up a new ship, knowing how expensive it will be to be combatable.
  7. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Demigod

    Wow! Wouldn't that be nice if we could custom-pick our package items? Unfortunately - I only think that would happen in a parallel universe with a different (and much better) Seafight.
  8. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Demigod

    Regarding your "pricing of packs" comment (an interesting observation!), I did see this pack (see below). So you may be right. But you know - just as I do - that they will later jack the prices up once they have lured in enough Atlantis players. The thing that stands out to me in my example below is that - upon seeing it - I thought: "I don't need the Atlantis junk. Why not yank those items out, give me more chains, storm lanterns, etc. for the same price"? And I feel the pain too, brother. I didn't even spend this month 5 bucks for the 25% discount or 4 bucks for 4 Cauldron crates. This game is the WORST it has EVER been. My 1.6 million total base went down to some player in less than 2 seconds recently. The game is a bad joke. I'll play totally free or not at all. That's what the developers "win" as a "prize" from me for a "new" concept poorly thought out and executed!

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  9. Elektra_BG_

    Elektra_BG_ Forum Greenhorn

    Fully supported you! I dont want to play Atlantis.... Why they offer me with this Atlantis junk?!
  10. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Ahoy Pirates!

    Thank you for your feedback.

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