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Discussion in 'Users’ Corner' started by Cedric*TR, Apr 15, 2019.

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Sale of ships with crown?

  1. YES

    27 vote(s)
  2. NO

    7 vote(s)
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  1. Cedric*TR

    Cedric*TR Forum Greenhorn

    Hello, Why old designs crowns, pearl or money with why not sold ? A lot of old design available keep this in mind please. Example ; BRUTE DESİGN [​IMG] Why not for sale with crown ?
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    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    i will pass your suggestion along. Thank you for the input.

  3. piranhahunter

    piranhahunter Forum Pro

    yes agree and please make it so that non $ spending players can also purchase :p :p
  4. Jeckpot

    Jeckpot Forum Greenhorn

    Yes, true thought . old designs with crown should be sold. @been-there-too @Seren @TEX~BULL

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    That you all for the feedback. As I stated before I will definitely add this to my report.

  6. motorko69

    motorko69 Forum Apprentice

    yes i agree old designs is best.make us happy :)
  7. emnıyetgucu_foo

    emnıyetgucu_foo Forum Greenhorn

    Yes, true thought . +1
  8. cömertreis17

    cömertreis17 Forum Greenhorn

    Yes, true thought . we agree +1
  9. HITMEN36.

    HITMEN36. Someday Author

    tell me when was last time when bigpoint change something for players, also when they respons to our ideas/sugestion ??? i can remember when they do something for us for freee never so relax if something will be bee sure that will cost you alot ...we speak about cannons nothing happened to change them in something else idk..someting .we dont use our old cannons we pay for them but we dont use them anymore ...Edit. I really want them to do something for the players ...who put money every month ...but also i know it will not happen.
  10. LustySerpant

    LustySerpant Forum Apprentice

    this sounds lame, and while most pirates do earn those old skins it sure would be nice if old skins could actually be purchased in the marketplace for pearls or crowns. but as we all know, BP will at best maybe do some silly lottery thing where you could get a skin, it is more than likely not going to happend! i know i earned a few skins but when we all got migrated from one mega server to another i seem to have lost my ghost kiribati, burning dutchman black ship and all my other cool skins and when i tried to get them back, it was just a headache and so i just wear the first skin i ever got, the OG elite white level 1 boat.
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  11. phatty-Boastrike

    phatty-Boastrike Forum Apprentice

    ARGH!! Wow, this whole time the reason i thought you wore the lvl 1 skin like i wear the lvl 2 skin was for pride! hahaha! LOL!! Just so you know i have other skins, but i like that green boat. sm;)e
  12. Cedric*TR

    Cedric*TR Forum Greenhorn

  13. TEX~BULL

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    It has been forwarded, but we do not receive updates on the future plans for content/releases so we can have no information. I can say the more the support, the better it looks when I forward it again.

  14. Cedric*TR

    Cedric*TR Forum Greenhorn

    Many people support. TR Forum There are many people. @TEX~BULL Please your message again.
  15. TEX~BULL

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    This is the English forum and can not site the TR forum. Maybe you should encourage the TR forum team to message.

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