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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seren, Nov 16, 2020.

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  1. ·єviłωαყѕ·

    ·єviłωαყѕ· Forum Mogul

    Yup and it's a useless event to run on PVE servers, guild mates shooting each other and naps for event along with the many many bots harping/event chest.
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  2. Swift

    Swift Board Administrator Team Seafight

    There is currently no Voucher Code, if one gets released we shall announce this in the Voucher Codes thread.
    I am unsure on how long the buff lasts, however I shall ask for this information for you. It does not prevent any Barrels of Grog from being stolen by players. The buff simply means every 2 hours where the system normally would remove 5% of your Barrels of Grog does not happen anymore.

  3. Daboyzz!

    Daboyzz! Someday Author

    Is there going to be compensation for all the barrels of grog we lost because the quest giver and the exchange did not work for the first day of the event? My log book just keeps taking them away.
  4. Swift

    Swift Board Administrator Team Seafight


    As this is a server wide issue, should any compensation be given by the developers this will be to all players and likely in the form of a voucher code or a script. Should this be the case we shall of course inform players via the Official Announcements. Personal compensation will not be given due to this issue.

  5. robodol1.

    robodol1. Padavan

    This may be the worst event ever, been online could not accept the mission in safe haven. Saw not a single event npc,nothing good in black market and no voucher code
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  6. ™~☣~ℒüїṧ~☣~™

    ™~☣~ℒüїṧ~☣~™ Forum Apprentice

    where are thease merchants at!! i wated 8 hours looked in evert map i can move in nonwhere to be found!!
  7. Swift

    Swift Board Administrator Team Seafight


    The three traders can be found in random maps every 4 hours for 30 minutes only. You will receive a notification on the top of your screen when they spawn.

    A simply way to find out which map the Traders are in, if they are spawned, is to go to the Event tab at the top of your screen, then select the "Hunt for Grog" button on the left side. On this page it will inform you of the map they are residing, for example, Smugglin' Jim is slouching in 22/1.

    Once in the map you will be able to see them on your mini map.

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  8. Xennonn

    Xennonn Someday Author


    voucher code
  9. moosma

    moosma Forum Apprentice

    I have seen ONE event ship in two days. ONE! Where are the bootlegger ships? Worst event ever!
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  10. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Count Count

    This Event is very poorly explained. Swift and Rymar have helped, but jeepers. If you are going to throw out some junk Event, just keep it!
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  11. *!Pimp!*

    *!Pimp!* Forum Greenhorn

    2020-11-18 13:20:46 You received 1 x Grog Master.
    2020-11-18 15:03:11 27x Barrel of Grog was/were removed. Reason: Event mechanic.
    Okay, so how is the grog master suppose to save my grog? The more I try to be positive and up beat about this failing event, the more it lets me down. I have read all the write up there is to the event, and still copious amounts of info is left out. For a "new" event, I sure hope the developers are learning a lot about it, as many players are dissatisfied with the way it has been brought out to us. There is many ways it can be improved and I hope our thoughts and insight are taken into consideration as we the players are the ones who take part in with our time, our effort and our money. Thank you
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  12. *VIC615*

    *VIC615* Forum Apprentice

    this event sucks
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  13. шüʟғ™

    шüʟғ™ Someday Author

    Did anyone, yes ANYONE got the design Double Cask from Captain Ron?

    • The player who inflicts the most damage has a chance to receive Pearls or the new design “Double Cask”.

    • When using the Seafight Client the player receives pearls, Crowns, Yulong coins or the new Design: “Double Cask”. Fallback for the new Design: Pearls, for Seafight Client user Crowns.
    • The player who does the last shot receives Soul Eater ammunition, Worldbreaker cannon recipes level 0 or the new Design “Double Cask”. Fallback for the new Design: Worldbreaker cannon recipes level 2.
  14. Xennonn

    Xennonn Someday Author

    i did
  15. Tylersgma1999

    Tylersgma1999 Forum Apprentice

    I have not finished the first quest yet! No bootleggers to sink. Very poor event.
  16. robodol1.

    robodol1. Padavan

    Have not seen al single event ship or quest giver the whole event, most ******** event I've ever ever seen in playing 12 years of seafight

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