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    Options Overview

    Opening Up the Settings

    When you first open the Sea Chart, it will look like this:

    Click on the [​IMG] button on the Toolbar. Your screen will now look like this:



    By clicking "Start Configuator", you will be able to move all your Toolbars around for ease of use.


    By clicking and dragging any of the elements on the Sea Chart, they can be moved to any position.

    Controls Tab


    You can set shortcut keys on your keyboard for game play.

    A little tip: the keyboard layout can be set up to your individual tastes. Click on the currently assigned key in the options menu, and you can assign a new key for that function.

    Down - moves the Chart area down.

    Up - moves the Chart area up.

    Left - moves the Chart area to the left

    Right - moves the Chart area to the left.

    Attack - attacks the currently marked target.

    Cancel Attack - cancels the current attack.

    Toggle Opponents - marks all your opponents on the current chart area in succession including Monsters and NPCs.

    Set Course - moves your Ship to the middle of the current Chart area.

    Board - boards the marked target, provided that your Ship is within boarding distance.

    To the Ship - the Chart area jumps back to where your Ship is.

    Repair - repairs your Ship (provided you have a Carpenter on board).

    Navigation Menu - * Here You can set your course by putting in your coordinates.

    Navigation is only available with premium.

    Sound Tab


    You can turn your sound on or off by clicking the check boxes. If you wish to have sound, you can lower the volume by using the slider controls.

    Graphics Tab

    This has 4 separate components.



    View Port Size: You can choose between 640x480 and 800x600 Display details:

    Low: If you activate this option, your chat will run; aside from that, the navigation sidebars are activated so that you can steer normally with your mouse.
    Normal: The chat is activated, the navigation sidebars are visible, and the models and surroundings are displayed in full.
    High: The chat is activated, models, surroundings, attacks, damages, hits, damage points and shots are displayed, and the navigation sidebars are visible as well.

    Smooth Map Scrolling: Removes the jaggedness (screen bouncing) when the screen is following your ship (centered on your ship). It also changes what happens when you press the "To the ship" button; having it checked the screen will gradually move to your ship and center it, having it unchecked and then pressing the button will immediately center your ship.

    Change Map Faster: Makes a smoother map change.



    Chat (requires a reboot): Your Sea Chart Chat is activated/deactivated. Many of you wanted this, and now it’s finally an option. If you don’t feel like chatting, or it distracts you from the game, click on the Chat Bubble to deactivate it.

    Tool Tips: This is especially important for newbies. A pirate appears on the side of your Sea Chart to give you helpful tips and explanations. If he gets on your nerves, just uncheck the box.

    Scroll Bar: The white border around the map is the scroll bar. You can use it to move your Sea Chart up and down, or left and right.

    Reload Symbol: This shows your Cannons/Harpoons reloading on the side of your boat.

    Damage Info: When activated, and you have less than 25.000 HP, your rep button will signal you by blinking.



    Display Effects: This displays effects such as Smoke Bomb, or Elmo's Fire

    Effect: Level up - a message will pop up that you are one level higher

    Effect: Quest Completed - a message will pop up that you have successfully completed your Quest

    Effect: Ship Sunk - you will see NPC's explode upon sinking

    Effect: Bonus Map - a message will pop up that you have finished your Bonus Map

    Ship Effects: some Ships have special effects to shine or smoke

    Monster Animation: if activated, you will see the Monsters "move" on the Sea Chart

    Show My Pet: if activated, you will see your Pet

    Show Other Players Pets: if activated, you will see other players Pets.

    Boost: if activated, you will only see the damage you inflict. Also helps to lessen any ongoing lag issues with the game.

    Note: this is to reduce lag when many Ships are present; not recommended for PVP battles.



    All these effects can be turned on or off by using the check boxes. These are all animations that you can see on the Sea Chart.
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