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Discussion in 'General Feedback' started by krios1993, Apr 25, 2020.

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  1. krios1993

    krios1993 Active Author

    Hi i would like that Bigpoint make something about this that is raping us .. the payment mode of albania is the most expensive of all kinds 30 euros the small pack and 90 euros the big pack . when our solary is 300 euros{our money } if we exchange to euros means like 22% more on euros to pay .. i would like this kind to change cus its unplayble like this to much expensiv . and we ar the poorst country on the ballkan europ
  2. *ROKKA*™

    *ROKKA*™ Forum Apprentice

    same price to everybody......:)
  3. krios1993

    krios1993 Active Author

    is not same prize . we got the higher prize . and we ar the poorest country so that is not fair
  4. robodol1.

    robodol1. Advanced

    LOL they even deleted my comment. corruption

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    As this is a support issue please contact them directly

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