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Discussion in 'Users’ Corner' started by StarLightS, Nov 5, 2020.

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  1. StarLightS

    StarLightS Padavan

    Not speaking for everyone in this game, just my personal point of view... but wouldn't be suprised if other share my point of view

    Payment packs is something I think you'll have to seriously reconsider in terms of what the rewards are in comparison to what they cost. If you want more people to pay for your packs, you have to increase the rewards drastically cause I wouldn't even spend £20 for the £80 pack that contains 15k yulong coins because that's how much you can earn by auto-piloting for one day and auto-piloting feels almost legal in this game considering no one gets banned and that 80% of the people on the servers are using it. Why should I spend frickin £80 for that little yulong coins? I feels sad for anyone buying these packs because they are just not worth it.

    Players need 600k yulongs for the cannon slots, how do you expect them to wanna play this game when you're forcing them away from this game by making these packs? Here's what the rewards should be, the £20 packs it should be 40k yulong coins and £80 should be 160k yulong. You may think "oh but if we give them too much they're gonna get their 600k yulongs too fast and then they won't buy more packs"... so is it better than players not buying the packs at all? And it's not just the yulong coins, I want nothing from that £80 pack... not really in any of the other 3 either

    here's what I think of the rest of the £80 pack
    14 obedience trainer lvl 4: yh sure lmk if anyone wanna pay £80 for that
    120k crowns: gained easily by auto-piloting so nope
    100 lionfire: uhm yh sure... not
    50 contact mines: nice to get I guess but not worth the money, should be at least 150
    25 lvl 4 worldbreaker: need to be at least 75, 25 not worth at all
    15 lvl 5 worldbreaker recipe: at least 50
    14 speed fishing: 10% harpoon reload and 5% speed? mhm... yeah no
    2.5 million pumpkin ammunition is nice for small players I guess but still not something I'd give money for even if you threw in like 10 million

    Here's what I think the £80 pack should look like
    30 commonwealth swellsword lvl 4
    400k crowns
    1000 dragonfire lvl 2
    150 contact mines
    75 worldbreaker lvl 4
    50 worldbreaker recipe lvl 5
    30 days scorpio buff

    If you want people to pay for this game of yours you have to give us USEFUL stuff that's WORTH our money. Please try this next event and see if you notice anything.
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  2. StarLightS

    StarLightS Padavan

    If 160k yulong seems a bit too much I wouldn't mind 120k, but at least 100k
  3. Xenoverse

    Xenoverse Advanced

    I think throwing around the Gemini buffs in smaller packs would be appropriated as well, yes there are the scrolls, but in the end all that we want are the cannons buffs. Rest doesn't really matter.
  4. madagascar

    madagascar Forum Apprentice

    instead of putting more in the packs... just make them cheaper so everybody can get the same amound of *edit* for less...
    especialy for newer/smaller/younger(?) pirates among us. This is by far the most expensive game i have ever played.

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