Pearls and Elite Ammo

Discussion in 'New Pirate Tutorials' started by 12COBRA12, Oct 26, 2020.

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  1. 12COBRA12

    12COBRA12 Forum Greenhorn

    I would like to ask a few things about pearls and elite ammo, I'm a returning player and I honestly don't really know what's the most efficient way to obtain elite ammo. It's possible to buy elite ammo with pearls ofcourse, but then I lose so much pearls that I would like to spend on castles or other upgrades to my ship. When I played years ago I also didn't quite know this but it would be very helpful if I don't spend thousands of pearls after spending so much time on obtaining them (drakirs are slightly too strong for me), just to shoot it away again in minutes. Most of the time I'm just waiting for another voucher code, so I have some decent ammo again for a few days. This makes it pretty hard to improve or get in a higher league. I don't think my ship is very good and I really want to improve it without having to spend a lot of money. By the way, I'm currently level 15, I have (without boosters) 227 weapon slots, I have about 7 castle upgrades in total (3 slots), and with normal elite ammo I hit around 30k. I don't ever see anyone hit that low lol. But anyway, I was hoping that anyone has some advice for me, thanks!
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  2. Oskar

    Oskar Forum Apprentice

    Play sunmap with goldammo for a bit to build upp your cannonslots/cannonloader and when you have gotten a little stronger you can start shooting Drakir
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  3. 12COBRA12

    12COBRA12 Forum Greenhorn

    Okay I can try that thank you, I heard there is a better raid map starting from level 16 but I don't have any medaillons for that and maybe i'm not strong enough for it when I level up I don't know. But thanks! Is getting elite ammo with pearls the only way then?
  4. Oskar

    Oskar Forum Apprentice

    Sunmap is better since it's alot easier to get the boss to spawn so you can chill at lvl 15 for a bit. Yep elite ammo for pearls only
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  5. şŧŗąŋɠεŗ

    şŧŗąŋɠεŗ Advanced

    Are you a old player of this game? ;)
  6. 12COBRA12

    12COBRA12 Forum Greenhorn

    Well yes but I never understood much of the game haha. Nevertheless I think it's fun:)

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