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  1. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight


    The Hammer

    The Hammer.png

    Only a strong and worthy captain can wield the power of... The Hammer!

    Special: -
    1st Gem: Briliant Iolite (12% Critical damage)
    2nd Gem: Dazzling Corundum (60.000 VP)

    The Harpy

    The Harpy.jpg

    The Harpy flies behind your vessel and watches out for dangers. Enhancing your powers with her frightful glare. Other captains will beware this denizen of doom!

    Special: -
    1st Gem: Gleaming Chalcedony (4% Cannon Damage)
    2nd Gem: Gleaming Iolite (7% Critical Damage)



    Warning! Will bite! The snapping turtle Tibbok is one cranky creature - but having its strength and tenacity on your side is nothing to sneeze at.

    Special: -
    1st Gem: Cut Flurite (25,000 Hitpoints)
    2nd Gem: Scoured Kunzite (5.25% Dodge)



    As stylish as she is bloodthirsty, Tigerfin's stripes help her blend into sun-dappled shallow seas - but don't worry, she's fierce enough to keep up even in deep waters!

    Special: -
    1st Gem: Impure Corundum (10,000 Voodoo Points)
    2nd Gem: Multifaceted Iolite (10% Critical Damage)



    Tigris is a smart and loyal pet for any captain to own. It’s tigerish tenacity is matched by its amazing coat and it aids your ship through your adventures.

    Special: -
    1st Gem: Twinkling Sugilite (12.75% Damage Prevention)
    2nd Gem: Sparkling Corundum (45,000 Voodoo Points)



    Hailing from the Jurassic Pool, Toothy decided that you were the perfect companion to venture outside and discover the world! Treat him well, Lockmaw’s offspring is no creature to be trifled with!

    Special: -
    1st Gem: Multifaceted Flurite (47,500 Hitpoints)
    2nd Gem: Multifaceted Iolite (10% Critical Damage)



    There's a lot of power and fire under this hood (or shell) - the dragon turtle Tibbok is burning to cause a little mayhem!

    Special: -
    1st Gem: Cut Flurite (25,000 Hitpoints)
    2nd Gem: Immaculate Kunzite (11.25% Dodge)

    Tully the Toucan

    Tully the Toucan.jpg

    Tully is an awesome companion, able to glide in your wake and aid you when you’re in trouble. His bright yellow beak simply adding to his majesty! What captain would want any less?

    Special: -
    1st Gem: Twinkling Charoite (8.5% Boarding Bonus)
    2nd Gem: Twinkling Lepidolite (12.75% Hit Probability)
  2. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight




    Undine was always rebellious, wanting to see the world and explore the seven seas for herself. Consider yourself honored if she decides to share your journey for a while.

    Special: -
    1st Gem: Shining Kunzite (10.5% Dodge Chance)
    2nd Gem: Scoured Lepidolite (5.25% Hit Probability)



    Ursa the bear is loyal to its master, following their ship with steady dedication, as well as proving to be a formidable ally on the high seas.

    Special: -
    1st Gem: Polished Charoite (8% Boarding Bonus)
    2nd Gem: Twinkling Fluorite (42.500 Hitpoints)
  3. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight




    Baron Samedi's famous winged serpent glides with ease over the surface of the ocean. The sight of it in flight can strike fear into the heart of even the most seasoned sailor.

    Special: -
    1st Gem: Cut Corundum (25,000 VP)
    2nd Gem: Cut Fluorite (25,000 HP)
  4. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight


    Wee Hydra

    Wee Hydra.jpg

    The Wee Hydra has lost its mother and decided to follow your vessel across the oceans. This tiny thing is a great companion for your ship, surprising any clumsy attacker when it rears its heads.

    Special: -
    1st Gem: Smooth Corundum (30.000 VP)
    2nd Gem: Smooth Sugilite (9% Damage Prevention)

    Wee Wyrm

    Wee Wyrm.jpg

    This little fella has lost its mother and is looking for a good ship to follow. Show some winter spirit and give it a home. Your enemies may laugh but they’ll not see the funny side when you reap the Wee Wyrm’s benefits!

    Special: -
    1st Gem: Smooth Fluorite (30.000 HP)
    2nd Gem: Smooth Corundum (30.000 VP)



    Once a captured orca, William has come a long way. With the help of brave cabin boy this faithful ally returned into the open seas. What a great story!

    Special: -
    1st Gem: Sparkling Lepidolite (13.5% Hit probability)
    2nd Gem: Sparkling Sugilite (13.5% Damage prevention)
  5. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

  6. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

  7. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight




    The Headless horseman is missing his head, and now, he's also missing his horse! But, don't be too quick to call him a headless horseless man. Zeliek remains a loyal creature, who knows what could happen the next time his master rises?

    Special: -
    1st Gem: Refined Lepidolite (15% Hit probability)
    2nd Gem: Refined Flurite (50.000 Hitpoints)



    Who would have guessed that a flying monkey was the one thing missing in your life? Well, thanks to Zephyr, now you know! You can count on him to always improve the morale of your crew.

    Special: -
    1st Gem: Multifaceted Amethyst (10% Critical hit probability)
    2nd Gem: Multifaceted Sugilite (14.25% Damage prevention)



    This many-armed dragon's demonic grin is the last thing several sailors saw before reaching their final resting places in the deeps.

    Special: -
    1st Gem: Shining Corundum (35,000 VP)
    2nd Gem: Immaculate Kunzite (11.25% Dodge Chance)

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