Pirate Protection

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    Pirate Protection

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    New members

    All maps within the game are PvP maps. This means that another player can attack your ship.

    All new players will receive the "Pirate Protection" buff for one week. With this buff, another player cannot attack you. Players can add more time to this buff by completing quests. A maximum of 14 additional days can be added to the buff.

    The newbie protection will be lost when players reach level 7.

    How it works

    Players with the Pirate Protection buff are not able to attack or board other players, as well as be attacked or boarded by them.

    The Pirate Protection will deactivate when the player attacks another player, or tries to board another player.

    Please be aware that while you can not be sunk by a player shooting at you, at this time you can be sunk by a Contact Mine even if you have Pirate Protection active.
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