Pirate's Puzzle: Unraveling the Island's Secret (Mini Game)

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  1. Rymar

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    Pirate's Puzzle: Unraveling the Island's Secret (Mini Game)

    Amidst the solitude of a tiny deserted island, a weathered shack stood as a silent sentinel, its walls adorned with a peculiar painting of a beloved pirate figure.

    Amidst further exploration, an unexpected discovery emerged from the depths of neglect: scattered remnants of paper, discarded as if they held a secret waiting to be unearthed.

    Upon closer inspection, it became apparent that these fragments were integral parts of the very painting that adorned the shack's walls—a puzzle waiting to be solved, a key to the island's hidden treasure.

    Time: 29.03 - 02.04


    How to Play:
    • Study the image displayed below, where fragments of the painting are scattered, each adorned with a distinct letter.
    • Remarkably, these pieces align perfectly with their counterparts in the main picture.
    • Assign each piece to its rightful place, marked with a corresponding number.
    • Decode the order of the letters using the numbers. They represent the order of the letters in the code.
    • Write the code without any spaces between letters. Unravel the mystery, piece together the puzzle, and claim the coveted treasure hidden within the depths of the island in "Pirate's Puzzle: Unraveling the Island's Secret".
    May your quest be filled with excitement and adventure beyond measure!

    Your Seafight Team
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