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  1. ahoy, i want ask something about crew, why i cant see information of crew when i press the icon crew. and it still not working. can u help me how i can use crew menu, cz i need to manage my crew thanks
  2. Rymar

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    all information regarding your crew (pirates) can be found under the boarding menu:


    More information on how to equip your crew and officers can be found here -> Boarding

  3. the problem is i cant appear menu like you show it to me, i click the boarding menu, and the crew but not appear any menu again
  4. also several menu cant work, like lague of captain, guild, spy, etc
  5. Swift

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    This sounds like a cache issue caused by the sync we had recently.

    If you are using the Unity Launcher you will be required to restart the Unity Launcher, to which it shall then start to update (green text will be displayed on the screen informing you of this). Once the update has completed, please completely close and open the Unity Launcher again to clear your cache.

    If you are playing on your browser, clearing your cache after a restart is all that is required. Please be aware that the Browser shall take longer to load the Seachart than the Unity Launcher, so we recommend the Unity Launcher if you are able to use that without issue.

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    indo player mase

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    am having a similar issue.. can't seem to find pirates in the shop (boarding pirates)
  8. Nimitz

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    Ahoy mate,

    You can find pirates under Items -> filter by gold currency -> and look for Regular pirates. I found them in my market about 75% of the way to the bottom.
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