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    You can find your available quests, by opening the sea chart and clicking the "quests" tab on the top left.

    Here you will see a drop down menu:


    This will detail the Quest Name, Quest Description, Quest Requirements and Quest Rewards.

    Below is a list of all the available quests. To move on to the Level 2 quests you mush complete the level 2 pirate test.

    NOTE: In the coordinate quests you do need to stay in the same map once you start the quest, but in the npc and monster quests you can change maps.

    Before you start the Quest make sure you are in the possession of the requirements. Without them you will not be able to start the Quest!

    You will not be able to start a quest if you have another quest or a test currently running. You also will not be able to start a quest if you are in negative gold or pearls.

    When you have started your Coordinates Quest, you have to go to the destinations the Quest tells you to go to. These coordinates will be marked with a big red X.


    When you have gone to all asked coordinates, you will receive message on screen that you have completed your quest.

    When you get higher in level, you will also have different type of Quests.

    Be aware:
    Quests don't have any time limit. You can start today and finish the next day without having any problems. Your progress will be auto-saved!

    If your Coordinates marker X is on an island, or otherwise unreachable, you will need to cancel your quest and restart it in another map.

    During the NPC's quests you may change maps as often as you wish.
    ** A list of all the quests and their requirements for completion may be found at the bottom in this post there are links to each level quest.**

    Level 1 quests
    Total:Gold: 76.600 EP: 2.210

    Level 2 quests
    Total:Gold: 69.660 EP: 4.320

    Level 3 quests
    Total:Gold: 118.250 EP: 6.000

    Level 4 quests
    Total:Gold: 202.100 EP: 11.280

    Level 5 quests
    Total:Gold: 268.750 EP: 16.000 Pearls: 1.500

    Level 6 quests
    Total:Gold: 253.825 EP: 7.990 Pearls: 4.100

    Level 7 quests
    Total:Gold: 2.050.000 EP: 2.350 Pearls: 6.100

    Level 8 quests
    Total:Gold: 1.133.000 EP: 77.500

    Level 9 quests
    Total:Gold: 275.150 EP: 136.000

    Level 10 quests
    Total:Gold: 17.500.000 EP: 108.250 Pearls:7.500

    Level 11 quests
    Total:Gold: 17.500.000 EP: 137.500 Pearls:7.500

    Level 12 quests
    Total:Gold: 17.500.000 EP: 71.250Pearls: 17.500

    Level 13 quests
    Total:Gold: 128.625 EP: 1.127.280 Pearls: 5.090

    Level 14 quests
    Total:Gold: 126.000 EP: 1.091.200 Pearls: 5.205

    Level 15 quests
    Total:Gold: 161.635 EP: 1.386.060 Pearls: 7.770

    Level 16 quests
    Total:Gold: 172.900 EP: 1.716.000 Pearls: 8.771

    Level 17 quests
    Total:Gold: 177.450 EP: 1.953.280 Pearls: 9.402

    Level 18 quests
    Total:Gold: 182.000 EP: 1.944.800 Pearls: 11.279

    Level 19 quests
    Total:Gold: 200.900 EP: 2.119.040 Pearls: 13.496
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