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  1. Swift

    Swift Community Team Team Seafight

    Rebalancing Update
    Climb the Rank

    Get ready to embark on an epic adventure as we unveil an exciting rebalancing of the starter regions of Nautica, alongside two colossal challenges: the legendary Behemoth Raid and the awe-inspiring Amaterasu Raid!


    We'd like to ensure that more players can access and enjoy the higher-level content sooner, so prepare to rediscover the charm of these waters, where countless treasures await even the most seasoned sailors;

    1. ALL NPC Rewards up to level 30 has been rebalanced!
    2. Admirals have the chance to provide additional rewards - they are admirals after all!
    3. We've updated the Quest Rewards up to Level 20!
    4. Speaking of Quests, it used to feel like ages before you could get the next item for a pirate test right? Well now "daily quests" up to level 40 reset every 6 hours!
    5. We've increased the respawn time of a number of NPCs that should make finding them that little bit faster (this includes admirals too)!
    6. Monsters now have the correct HP and Rewards for their region, we've adjusted them in every surface
    7. Life has been brought back to the Amaterasu and Behemoth Raids, with faster spawning and rewards to help you equip yourself for higher levels!
    8. No longer will every pirate be in maps 1 to 5 killing monsters to access El'Dorado; we've changed the Master Skill requirement to Monster Damage
    9. With this update, Feng Weishing (in the Safe Haven) and Monroe Robinson have bought some new goodies to exchange with you
    10. If you manage to kill the Kraken you'll be greatly rewarded following a loot increase!
    11. Tired of getting the same old EXP or Voodoo Points from Glitters? Well we've added a chance to get some other items as well!
    12. With much much more for you to discover and more to come!
    Rediscover the excitement, camaraderie, and sheer joy that first drew you into the world of piracy on the high seas! Rally your crew, polish your cannons, and hoist the Jolly Roger high! Seafight's most thrilling chapter yet is about to be unveiled, and together, let's make waves that will be talked about for ages to come!

    Seafight awaits, Captain! Are you ready to reclaim your place in history? Set sail
    tomorrow, 23rd May, following the sync and become a legend!

    Please leave your thoughts, comments and feedback in the
    Discussion Thread, thank you all and we hope you enjoy the changes!

    Your Seafight Team
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