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  1. xXx|RedLightMass|xXx

    xXx|RedLightMass|xXx Forum Greenhorn

    Hello all, figured it was time that I made one of these. Most of you probably already know me, because I am a pretty big deal. Whether it's from my videos, or my posting in the Seafight forums, or other forums. So here's a bit of my story, and such.

    I started this game in December of 2006, my brother introduced me to the game, and I've been in love ever since. I didn't really start playing until may of 2007, I decided to put money on the game and get full pearl, back when $100 would get ya 105 p cannons, those were the days. I was in a lot of great guilds, and met a lot of great people, which is why I think I fell in love with the game so much. I moved servers quite a bit in my time, starting on global 1, then going to east, then back to global 1, then back to east, then onto global america 1, then east again, and so on. Currently, I play on USA east, global europe 1, gb1/uk. And I must say I love the different servers for different reasons. Although I started on global europe, I don't think of it as my home server, I get on there every so often to have some fun, but mainly my boat collects dust. I consider us1 my home server, as most of my time I've played there. Now a days, I get on just to sink people who ran there mouth when I left claiming they chained me off. So, I went back onto that server, just to sink the mouthy children who yap, and go figure, they all won't fight me. And most of em quit, poor babies. I without a doubt the king of the USA east server. I don't think there is a person there that can sink me.

    On uk is where I spend most of my time, I love making the british cry, it is truly a passion of mine. Watching grown men spend time and money trying to be better then someone on a game, then realizing they can't sink me is funny. What is even funnier, is watching them then get angry and accuse me of cheating, due to them not sinking me. I mean, within the first week of me playing that server, I was chaining the biggest and baddest, hell a mate of mine A-R-K-Y sunk frank the tank 1 vs 1 when his boat was 3 days old. Mind you frank the tank is number one in battle points, and has a maxed account. Oh I wish I would of saved the screenshots of them crying in global, accusing us of cheats. If they knew us at all, they would know we are strongly against cheats, and we think all who use them should be banned! It's funny to watch some of the biggest players get sunk by new boats. It's even funnier when not one person on that server can beat me in a 1 vs 1. Yeah, I am pretty much the best.

    Anyways, I don't play as much as I use to, sadly, the game just isn't what it used to be. I've honestly, thought about quiting the game, but who else is gonna make the british cry? Currently I am in !Ɵ! on uk server, NEW on USA east, and in ONE on global europe. And I can honestly say, that I love all of my guilds.

    I am sure some people will be angry about this thread, which is fine, more people crying dosn't bother me, people often ask me, is it hard being the best? Honestly, sometimes, getting spyed 24 hours a day can be annoying, but hey, it comes with the title of "King".

    Here is a link to my youtube channel feel free to check it out: [Edit]
    Hope you enjoyed reading, and if any questions feel free to ask.

    P.S No, I won't sign any autographs or take any pictures, sorry I am much to busy.

    ~ The King aka Rich219

    Ahoy mate,

    I unfortunately had to edit out the link to your YouTube channel as there are videos with inappropriate language in their songs. We are not allowed to have this on the forum. This is a verbal warning and does not count against your account, please keep this in mind for the future.
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  2. xXx|RedLightMass|xXx

    xXx|RedLightMass|xXx Forum Greenhorn

  3. Destruction

    Destruction Old Hand

    Yes, but can you suck a Fruit Pastel without chewing it?

    This is a verbal warning, please change your signature as it is breaking the forum rules, if you continue to post with this signature, you will start to receive warnings.
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  4. øñéSHOT

    øñéSHOT Junior Expert

    I have no idea what a fruit pastel is lol
  5. ~turnip~

    ~turnip~ Old Hand

    destruction as long as you can eat a jam donut without licking your lips ;) honestly I miss the UK1 server, if it was still cheap then I would come give rich a few rounds, love your vids rich, the tactics are the best :D
  6. øñéSHOT

    øñéSHOT Junior Expert

    <3 turnnip thanks bro :)
  7. ~turnip~

    ~turnip~ Old Hand

    I saw ya beating frank up, when I first met him he say he spent like 10 grand just on keys and to see you make him look easy that's hilarious xD
  8. [edit]

    Please don't post videos of cheaters, please report these to support. I have forwarded this video however to be reviewed.
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  9. DЯAKE

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    You have received a warning for insulting a fellow user of the forum.
    This is not acceptable and should you continue, you will lose forum rights.
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  10. PureSpirit2

    PureSpirit2 Forum Apprentice

    You're humbleness is overwhelming.
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  11. øñéSHOT

    øñéSHOT Junior Expert

    Anyone who takes that post seriously is Edit lol
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  12. PureSpirit2

    PureSpirit2 Forum Apprentice

    They edited the link to your youtube channel. How do I get to it? I'm quite interested in seeing what you bring to the table.
  13. øñéSHOT

    øñéSHOT Junior Expert

    Search rich219 or seafight101 on youtube :)
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  14. i did all i saw was how to be an incompetent seafight player AKA mediocre (amatuer hour)
  15. øñéSHOT

    øñéSHOT Junior Expert

    Ironic, considering you have never sunk me, eh cupcake?
  16. Shiver

    Shiver Commander of the Forum

    Guys please lets keep this civil
  17. øñéSHOT

    øñéSHOT Junior Expert

    Perhaps you should delete the irrelevant posts, aka bushwackers :)
  18. AdanaLı-TD

    AdanaLı-TD Forum Greenhorn

    Rıchy is best :) #SARD
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  19. øñéSHOT

    øñéSHOT Junior Expert

  20. Rich the best in this game <3
    Much respect for you bro :)
    I hope I see you again in Global 1,things are changing radically there,again :D
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