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  1. I would like to know how this is possible!
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  2. I changed all my settings and gems to see if I could get close to what you are saying. My critical hit gems are lvl 27, so that could be part of the issue...my reload time is faster than yours and my cannon seem to be a little stronger...but I still could not get below 22 minutes. I have no idea as to why this is. ONE time, I got a 19 minute time was when BP had a super buff offered...I can't remember exactly what it was...(but it was recent)...I believe I had more cannons than with the genie buff and a faster reload time...honestly, I can't really recall exactly what the buff was, but it was given to all players... I don't really consider the rift map to be an important part of the game, but the times seem to represent what is possible with changing settings, etc since it has a fixed amount of HP and the npcs actually offer some resistance. Why you are able to get times that are 3-5 minutes faster than I can get with similar settings seems strange to me...I must be missing something.
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  3. ßOMßER

    ßOMßER Junior Expert

    I watched a video like a year ago that the guy said as long as your hit probability was so much that you didn't need it, and I have tried with that gem and didn't seem to make a difference so I use the crit one. I might try the cannon damage pet gem and see if it helps but I don't have a decent one of those. I personally have a better time with the extra cannon genie buff. Yes there are times I almost get sunk, and I do use alot of hp and vp amulets, but you have to in order to get better times. I don't think I would try the devastotor cannons, you'll be losing out on to much that the other cannons provide. Like I said I pretty much play alone so I don't get anyone elses feedback. So I'm sure there's things I'm doing wrong that I could improve my time on too.
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  4. ßOMßER

    ßOMßER Junior Expert

    My gems are all 28 so that wouldn't be much of an issue it's only 1 percent. I go through a lot of hp and vp amulets, I use 4 or 5 blood of Inya's depending if I used the sands of times before or during, a lot of dragonfires. I don't know how I can get that much faster besides the fact that I have done it a lot. I used to have a much better ship on a different server and would bug me how people could get such better time too. But the more I did it the more I shaved time off.
  5. I really appreciate your imput, although I am not really seeing any improvment in my times... I agree.. practice should help, but I have done a minimum of two a day through the last two seasons (to get the coins) and I seem to always be around the same times (21-26 minutes) I have already mentioned depending on which genie buff I get. Obviously, I have something to change...I will keep experimenting until I get it! Thanks again M8...
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  6. The*Defiant

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    Yes...those stats for that pirate I find quite puzzling. While this information is over 4 years old since the last update, I did notice one possible item for consideration below:

  7. I just loaded 12 lanterns and my damage prevention went to 32%. I would get sunk out before wave 10. I also just tried using all the settings that Bomber has mentioned and I was at 18 1/2 minutes at the end of wave 29.. wave 30 usually takes me a minimum of 3 minutes...so back to my average of 22 minutes or so. I tried using voodoo hoodoo half way through wave 30 and got sunk. By my calculations the first 10 waves are all one shot npc...so at my under 2 second reload (I had 1.94), it should take about 1 minute. I lost over 30 seconds there just due to lags in my fingers and mouse clicks not working. I also was 'tormented' by the tormentor about 10 times. Just bad luck there...I usually only get the tormenter debuff once or twice. That could have knocked a full minute off of my time. This was without a genie.
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  8. The*Defiant

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    I have had the exact same problem (that I highlighted in your text above) playing this game for a long time. I click amulets, lost loves, you name it - and it doesn't activate! I even double-click items like swiftstones to be sure they activate, and then the dang icon disappears from my toolbar and is left blank. It drives me nuts! Which leads to this comment: since a bot program could probably precisely code in the coordinates of every Rift NPC for all 30 waves and execute everything as efficiently as possible (amulets at the right times, recklessness, bloodlusts, you name it), I bet a cheater could post his video showing how he did a sub-10 minute time, and we still wouldn't know that he used a bot and what the video shows is not humanly possible!
  9. Ha! Yep...I always check that my menus are locked so I don't lose items. It's very frustrating when you are in the middle of a battle and your amulet dissapears! :) Back to the subject at hand...with Bomber's suggestions not working, I am a complete loss as to why I am not getting a little quicker in the rift. I will just keep working on it.
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  10. The*Defiant

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    I'll tell you why LOM! It's because you are an honest human being trying to do the Rift! Check this out: The player currently leading the Rift Rankings is close to breaking the 9-minute mark! His ship name is intentionally in symbols, so he is hard to identify (that loses my vote towards "honesty"), and some of the players below him I'm pretty certain are botters. (I don't doubt that a skilled programmer could actually change a "Rift Bot's" set-up to add and subtract items going from one wave to the next). But as I have previously noted, if a player posted a video showing how he did it so fast, we **still** would not know if the video was done by a human or bot! And we know if he botted it, he is going to lie and say he is just a very highly-skilled player while we are all just stupid noobs.

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  11. lostlove2

    lostlove2 Forum Greenhorn

    Dear All,
    often I read your forum serching for news and info, but in these days it seems that You are making a Witch Hunt.
    probably You don't spent money on this game or if You spent it is not enough.
    Recently there were available the Sigma Packages, if You had bought these three now You would have the reload time at 1.5sec and about 820 cannons on board. in this situation with my ship (and I'm not really good in the rift) I make 11.34 (against 19.55 in normal situation), so please stop talking nonsense. If You are not in top 20 is because :

    1) You are not a good player
    2) You don't put money in the game

    if You cannot bear the truth without suffering, maybe you should consider to change game.
    I hope to hep You to go away in the game
    Sorry for my bad English
  12. Well m8....it is pretty obvious that there is some sort of assist being used. We both know that BP is incapable/unwilling to do anything about it. You have been playing the game as long as I have and there have always been people who choose to cheat. I quit playing after my first year just because of the difficulty of being 'competitive' without investing a huge amount of $. I started again after a year and built up another account, but the same issues convinced me to quit again...that time for nearly 4 years...this time I didn't sell my account and when covid came, I logged back into the game as a lvl 20...I have spent some money, unfortunately, trying to catch up to the game 'standards' and I am competitive with the higher level, as you say, honest players. The people who choose to cheat are still in control of the game...the little things BP does such as the stupid 'debuff' are intended to placate us, but do nothing to address the issue. I don't know what is possible in the rift with 'max values'....by my calculations I am guessing 15-16 minute range, but faster than that would need an assist. Nothing we can do about it other than accept that it is the way of MMO's in general. Waxing a little philosophical, it is just the nature of humanity which is abundantly obvious in todays society.
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  13. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Commander of the Forum

    Your last sentence in particular speaks volumes. Many people still believe that "The end justifies the means". Obviously, this is totally wrong. If I sold drugs and made a ton of money while killing people, the "end would NOT justify the means" (assuming one has a conscience).
  14. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Commander of the Forum

    I am sorry to have to say this, but there is a reason you are a "Forum Greenhorn". Just buy 3 packages and get 820 cannons and the lowest reload time possible (1.5 seconds)? Whatever reality you live in, it isn't mine!:rolleyes:
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  15. lostlove2

    lostlove2 Forum Greenhorn

    I'm sorry to say this but you should know that a general doesn't always know how to fight more than a soldier.
    even a forum rookie can say something right. Anyone can decide which reality to belong to, for sure if I don't like mine I won't make excuses. Here we discuss rift times and the Bots are not involved in this case (only in this case) the ship is not good or the player is not good.
  16. -PUSAT-

    -PUSAT- Active Author

    This is why BP has a problem, you say buy packs, oh yeah, like im going to spend money on a game full of cheaters..my boat has all lvl 6 worlds and lvl 4 and 5 bastions, and im only getting 27 mins on the rift,if bp fixed the game and run it like it should be we wouldnt be complaining, and since we are trying to get them to fix the issues, you must be the problem....we should all spend real money on a game that Bottersare getting for free....thanks for your comment.....thats 30 seconds ill never get back and your saying you make 11.34 seconds in the rift..explain how you pull that off
  17. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Commander of the Forum

    You missed my main point. Nobody can buy 3 packages as you stated and get 820 cannons and a 1.5 second reload time. They don't exist and were never offered. I've played 13 years with no playing break longer than 2 weeks. You show me those 3 packages or stop commenting about silly things that don't exist. I have put in thousands and thousands of dollars into my boat. I know what I am talking about (and you don't).
  18. lostlove2

    lostlove2 Forum Greenhorn

    now everything is clear, since you have spent a lot of money on your ship and you still don't know how to get 1.5 second reloads and 820 guns means: the ship is good but the player is not.
    as you persist in not wanting to understand what I said, I close my speech which has been misunderstood.
    you can say that it is the fault of the bots but if I have done 11.34sec a good player can do less than 10 minutes without "help"
  19. runran

    runran Forum Apprentice

    I saw this topic opened here and watched the discussions for the past days. What I can say is that lostlove2 is right, at least about the packages that were available. There were 3 packages from the sigma sales event which give you some % of cannons and reload time and other things depending on how much you bought. They were only available for some days and buffs will last until birthday event is over. As for the rift map, for me it's clear that the map can be done close to 12-13 minutes because if you have a full ship it should not even be that hard. If you have over 105-106 damage prevention you get 0 damage from all waves beside wave 20. A player that has a super armor plates, ribs lvl 6, and other damage prevention can put also maybe some storm lantern and still get 0 damage. Depending on the critical damage you have, the higher it is the faster you will do the map. Also having two configurations, one with firestorms for half of the waves and one with damage for the others. You can watch youtube and see players doing the rift fast. I do the rift map in just over 30 minutes with no storm lantern and lvl0 lvl1 worldbreakers, I have 2.44 reload time and didn't use rift ammo until almost wave 20, so for me it looks very plausible doing the rift in 12-13min
  20. BilderrahmenOH

    BilderrahmenOH Forum Greenhorn

    If your ship is as developed as you acclaim it to be then im sorry to break it to you but you wont need a rift setup but rather a better understanding of the games mechanics and a better way of approaching the rift map, logicwise not setupwise. All you need to do on riftmap is use lvl5 chains and shoot and if your ship is as strong as you make us believe it to be, then you just simply lack basic gameknowledge. You cant expect the „top players“ to spoonfeed you how to do the rift map properly. As long as your ship is high end and your willing to dedicate some time into trying you should end up top20 atleast if not better. Ofcourse its easier to blame programms for the fastest time possible than to actually try different ways yourself. And every small ship that is commenting on here should lower its standards. Rift map is probably the last real „skill“ competition in this game thats left.

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