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  1. USS_Defender(CAG-01)

    USS_Defender(CAG-01) Exceptional Talent

    Well, seems you have recently made the Rift only playable by the Contractors and the Contractors BFF. The increase in NPC speed and their dealt damage pretty much eliminates other players from completing any higher levels.
  2. robodol1.

    robodol1. Padavan

    wave 20 or 19 nearly one shots me. while having a lot of damage prevention over 85% and using lion bulwalks also with my defending settings on . isnt really playable and npc are so fast you have little to none chance to repair. i guess to finish that wave you have to have reinforced ribs lvl 5 lion bullwalks and super panster plates. with my normal settings and lion bullwalks . i still have about 65% damage prevention and only that big npc hits 450k on me... should make it more playable
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  3. SKYPED¹

    SKYPED¹ Forum Apprentice

    there is certain thing's that may help you during rift lion bulwalks help slightly but not that great you would need super armour plates damage prevention on both ship and pet with ribs as an expansion these should make a big difference in trying to do the wave's more smooth i am able to get to wave 29 but die on 30 due to me not having super armour plate's. this is my personal experience and i hope it can help you out.
  4. 5% armor special gem, ribs level 5, super armor plates, prevention on ship and pet, prevention pet trainer, prevention castle, should work fine. Bulwark barely makes a difference in the Rift map.
  5. I have done that Rift Map without using these Super Armor plates. But I use all other prevention as in Lvl 5 Ribs,Ship Gem,Pet Gem,Castel,Guardian Lvl 3 & Trainers Lvl 3.

    I have only used Lions Bulwark in some of the waves. But I do also use Inyas Blood + The Hour Glass. I do like the Map, I like that Rift Map gives me some challenge to do it. :)
  6. USS_Defender(CAG-01)

    USS_Defender(CAG-01) Exceptional Talent

    Been doin Rift since day 1. Matters little now what speed castles and gems you have on you have on that were obtained through normal Seafight channels. You will not be able to out run the NPC after or during Rift wave 20. This is a recent change as is dealt damage. The Rift is no longer a place for regular straight up players. Its is yet anotheer Seafight feature that is to be relegated to the Seafight Junkyard of features not suitable for the majority of players. How about closing this thread?
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  7. silentpartner

    silentpartner Board Administrator Team Seafight

    As per OPs request thread shall now be closed


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