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  1. SazerKING

    SazerKING Junior Expert

    Yo all, I am Sazer
    I decided that it was time to tell my story.
    I come from Stockholm, Sweden. I share a great passion for Fotball( fotball where you kick a ball with your feets) I have been playing the sport myself ever since I was a young kid, and my favorite team is AIK. I consider myself as a loyal fan to my club, I always go on the stockholm derbys, and I support my team in its ups and downs .My name on seafight is Sazer, always been and will be, however some times I change my name to Vargen, for some weird reason.
    I am currently playing on UK, I used to play on Scandinavian and I still got my account over there but barely get the time to play, one server is enought.

    I started playing the game in late 2009, I really liked the game, and as I met a lot of friends I kept playing and back in the old days when the game was easy to understand and didnt take very long time to get a decent full pearl ship, However this changed over the time, this was one of the reason after playing during 2010 that I decided to quit the game, because of poor updates that didnt contribute anything positive to the gameplay. During this time I didnt spend anything, and as by the time they introduced the castles i had enought and I didnt come back untill 2011 where I played a few months, then I had enought again and I I was away for a long time.

    During my years on SF I have been in a lot of different guild but 4 guilds stands out as Great guilds, GBH/SWK/K.I/ and oblivion. During 2010 I switched guilds quite often and usually between SWK/GBH/K.I not that I didnt like any of it, but that I missed some of the fun in the other guilds, as they were on different alliance sides. During my years I have been in D1E,GBH,RN2,T-P,LCH,300,K.I,z&k,<T>,T&D,!O!,WAT,TRK,RIP,BAD,NAG,SAW,Won with plenty more smaller guild, list goes on... of all the guilds I have been in I can say that I can remember 2 leaders in particular, Swk siren which helped me with all kinda things back in 2010. And also remember Mumsmums which was the leader of K.I he was one of the best leaders if not the best, He showed true respect to his members, and whatever it was that you would need help with he would be there and help you. He was also one of the few swedish players that I have met on UK server.

    By Decemeber 2013 I came back to see how the game was doing, I was bored and started to work my way back to full pearls. It took a long time and Im still building my ship, Currently Im on 52skills and 30vodoo cannons. I still have a long way to go as I still have a few castles left to get and several skill points. In January/February last year was the time of my comeback, since then I have made over 100k bp on Uk. Together with my close friends cpirra and Noga we started to fight both alliances sides as we were in a guild with no naps [D1E] this was a guild that all 3 of us used to be in the early days of sf.
    Since then we have been in plenty of guilds, such as Oblivion, Won, TRK, GB1 then during the summer me and cpirra together with No mercy created our own guild called RIP, we were all out war, and even though we only had about 10members we were moving up the Guild Bp ranking faster/month then the leading guild RED then we made the decision to merge our guild with Oblivion making PRO guild, after a few weeks 1 Ťнέ Ƥʀȏfέssΐȏйąłs 50'791'285'048, I am currently in T&D guild, which is the dominating side on UK server, we currently have 33 islands and because of this I havent been playing very much recently, the enemies are simply too easy, once something is not even a challenge it easily gets boring.

    I am a player which respect all types of players(except of the dirty ones). I have respect for all players even though they can be annoying sometimes, but hey if they moan too much in global you can always put them on ignore ;)
    I also appreciate the enemies for being there, they have given me great memories over the years and a lot of good battles.

    My style of playing is by using the map changes the best way possible, I only use it if the enemies have some type of advantage regardless if it is extra decks/ extra hp or in tanks case 5+ bodyguards. Me and cpirra usually do 1v1s quite differrently then the other players on here, what we do is we set up our boats so both got exact same dmg and hp, and we use map changes, and the one which didnt get sunk is the winner. I think others should try this out, as it demans more skills and is more fun then the ordinary sit and shoot fight where the ones who has higher hp or higher dmg usually wins, to me this type of fighting is boring and doesnt prove anything.

    Feel free to ask questions, and hopefully I´ll see you on the water in this year.
  2. AdanaLı-TD

    AdanaLı-TD Forum Greenhorn


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  3. SazerKING

    SazerKING Junior Expert

  4. Grand-mariner™

    Grand-mariner™ Forum Veteran

    You hit the nail on the head their, Sazer. You have very similar views to myself mate and you're very welcome.

    Yes, I had noticed plumes of Blue from your boat......or, could it otherwise be referred to as the, 'Great Escape'? (lol):)
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  5. if your such a good fighter and practice why do you ask to sink people to push your battle points up?
  6. SazerKING

    SazerKING Junior Expert

    I don´t claim to be a good fighter, Other people tell that I am. If you do not think that I am a good fighter that´s your opinion and I really don´t mind if you don´t think I´m a good fighter, I enjoy the game either way. I can ensure you that I do not ask people for their battle points like you are accusing me of. Why would I ask the enemies if I can sink them, it doesn´t even make any sense. I will tell you one thing though, If you´re in an alliance side that are severly outnumbered all the time, there´s a lot more boats that you can sink and get battle points from :)

    P.S Next time you are going to accuse me of anything please send it in to support instead, forum is not the place to accuse another player. Thanks // Sazer
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  7. you would like to rectify your statement, correct me if im wrong your naps are T&D and BRW? my screenshots shows me u shooting them down
  8. SazerKING

    SazerKING Junior Expert

    I have been enemies with BRW and TD before same as I have been nap with z&k, but either way forum is not place to accuse anyone.
    Feel free to send in whatever you want to support though
  9. so you mean yes im naps, you caught me out bush just your to strong to sink alone, why thanks sazer il take that as feedback mate
  10. Sazers the king, you can't hang and we know it :)
  11. bLooDLiNe

    bLooDLiNe Junior Expert

    ^ tru dat
  12. dirks777

    dirks777 Active Author

    sazer u cant sink a pint .. u swk x pat aka ... u still a swk but a fool
  13. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    Sazer just constantly fights on the UK Server, and he is damn good at it too! Its good fighting along side you mate! :)

  14. SazerKING

    SazerKING Junior Expert

    Thanks m8, I also have fun fighting alongside you. Whenever you arrive to a fight we always win :)
  15. do you still want to meet me 2-4 for my battle-points im sat on one shot ughh i mean um full rep ready for a non money player to absolutely hound me down on explosives
  16. frankthetank1974

    frankthetank1974 Board Analyst

    sazer you sink your own ally for battle points because your a farmer and a coward all know this on the uk server :)
  17. frankthetank1974

    frankthetank1974 Board Analyst

    much fight letting towers shoot you all down for 1 shot sinks about time the clash event was ended and something more cleaner was introduced huh ;)
  18. bLooDLiNe

    bLooDLiNe Junior Expert

    Oioi Sazer! Always great fighting along side you, except that when i go to get chain sinks for BP after the fights, you always beat me to it, and they log out after you're done! ;) Hoping you make a video soon to show RED how its truly done, in a way that Rich and I can't match in the same way.
    Love you man!
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  19. Banshee.

    Banshee. Old Hand

    It's nice to meet you, Sazer :)
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  20. SazerKING

    SazerKING Junior Expert

    Thank you m8, why don´t you write a thread about yourself so we all get to know you a bit better :)
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