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Discussion in 'Official Forum Games' started by Seren, Mar 18, 2016.

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  1. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Screenshot Contest Guild Entry

    Your goal will be to create a screenshot while sailing around on sea chart, but not a usual one. Your task is to send “Happy Birthday to Seafight” in form of a screenshot. This could be a formation of ships or shooting with confetti ammunition or whatever. Maybe you could use the new action item for this. Your creativity is in demand. Feel free to give free rein to your creativity and provide a us a breathtaking screenshot!

    Small hint: The new action item “The Staff of the Jester” could be maybe useful for this.

    There are some rules you need to stick to:

    • Please be sure to insert the image directly into your answer – links/url’s don’t count.
    • Always write your Server and User ID and the guild ID/name and guild tag into your post
    • Photoshop edited screenshots will be not taken into consideration!
    • Every guild is allowed to post only ONE screenshot!

    This will close on Sunday the 27th of March, 23:00 hours (LST).

    All images will shown correctly before the end of the contest so please do not worry if yours is not showing.

  2. SinkYah

    SinkYah Junior Expert

    Happy Birthday Seafight
    Guild : 40/ßPP The Black Plague Pirates
  3. ☆*~Jackyourgolds~*☆

    ☆*~Jackyourgolds~*☆ Forum Apprentice

    Happy Birthday Seafight :) By: 146/İCΕ THE İCEMAN ÖTZİ ❋
  4. *KRUCHY*

    *KRUCHY* Forum Duke


    Guild: PL™ Team Poland
  5. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    The guild winners are listed below.

    Guild winners.

    1st : 146/İCΕ THE İCEMAN ÖTZİ ❋
    2nd : 40/ßPP The Black Plague Pirates
    3rd : 39/PL™ Team Poland

    Please will the guild leaders place the list of players names as user ids of their guild members. Be advised they must have been members during the 10th Birthday Event.
  6. §ΚÛŁŁŸ

    §ΚÛŁŁŸ Forum Apprentice

    Hello Seren

    2nd : 40/ßPP The Black Plague Pirates
    this are my members that have played in the event
    ☜¦Røłłιи☆TнûиƌεЯ¦☞ 11605979 『Ṕгệludệ』 40773429 ~$corpion~ 12886015 Cobby 24081396 seahorse6011 41874124 PIG~PEN 25041667 xXCosmoXx 5564439 sanmucci 41867871 §イǿñεĆøℓď 36831794 -LOCO-666- 10834866 TʜᴇSɪʟᴇɴᴛBᴀɴɢ 41879341 ✩BadCharly✩ 4545881 Gabaa1991.PL 41869282 twitch 31046853 SinkYah 42024717 EL∞ΛRMY 12665999 -warpigs-, 15627849 C-Σ-Ł-ł-Ờ 41807158 MOOSE 17189278 ÐRÂҚЄÑ 40743912 -BigBadWolf- 13601181 CaptSigSour 42006751 ~§corpion~ 25906017 Heracles[BPP] 40355939 Gαмe*Oνeя#_1 14362201 prisonbarge*(SFA) 13876141 §ΚÛŁŁŸ 13290556 -seahog- 14141674 CяαzY~Åłbαηїαn 10842529 •»Łσяd 41887786 golferdude540 9671734 *~ΔĿΩИЭ~* 35500972 ☆ŦÂßĪÂИ☆ 30462428
    And please let us know that we will get as a rewards...Thanks :)
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  7. *KRUCHY*

    *KRUCHY* Forum Duke

    3rd : 39/PL™ Team Poland


    Okay so heres list of our members :

    {*awesome*} 39/30561827
    Project 39/36389568
    Defek********PL 39/2021237
    KoloroweKredki 39/19759394
    Farmer_from_raid 39/32352674
    SmokeThem 39/41865827
    кαρυѕиιαк 39/11284028
    *hell~hammer* 39/41867520
    kruchy 39/2784463
    grim2411 39/41870135
    Pleya 39/34313611
    *dibbs* 39/41862028
    Mr-Giggles 39/41845716
    _¯¯Rastaman¯¯_ 39/7114474
    -_Buzz_- 39/14396304
    xNattyx 39/41870383
    Penthamon 39/40375781
    *JanI* 39/12604182

    bear~grylls 41861527
    ωσנαк*PL 41835365
    big~sails 30735541
    BIGGER~SAILS 35305707

    here you go thats all of them :)
  8. ☆*~Jackyourgolds~*☆

    ☆*~Jackyourgolds~*☆ Forum Apprentice

    Howdy seren :)
    1st : 146/İCΕ THE İCEMAN ÖTZİ ❋
    JΛCK.๖ۣۜPЯØ 146/24342541
    ÐØğЦş* 146/41776794
    ##REİS## 146/12544728
    ๖ۣۜPЯØ$TO 146/18539637
    ~Prin©ess~ 634/41946703
    »ƓöКƮüΓКŁ£Ŕ« 146/40279867
    •)Cordeƚia(• 146/41830139
    _She-Devil_ 634/35465811
    ĒłīťěĐŽ 634/41905069
    ™☆Ṝ.Ī.Ҝ.Σ.Ṩ.Ž☆™ 634/36796273
    ..»ƉØ乙€Я..∫61∫ 146/14173836
    ㋡вαуяαм㋡//İCΕ// 146/28640347
    º Nątu®ąL º 329/41935078
    ☪29•ՄĿՄƁΛƬĿI•29☪ 146/32225285
    »*ƝØF£ÂЯ*« 146/41781700
    •̪●ЈλСΚ●ĐλΝįΣℓ’S•̪● 329/41795630
    ŜЄ®ЌĂЙ~βЄЧ~મƼ™ 146/41880472
    wιɴcнeѕтer 634/41951216
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  9. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    All players in the above lists have now been issued with 7 days of Queens Legacy.

    Congratulations to you all.
  10. ☆*~Jackyourgolds~*☆

    ☆*~Jackyourgolds~*☆ Forum Apprentice

    #Seren i didnt received that..can i know why ? i even did and post the photo lol
    JΛCK.๖ۣۜPЯØ 146/24342541

    I check it again and is all good sorry! :p

    Glad its ok. Seren x
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  11. *KRUCHY*

    *KRUCHY* Forum Duke

    Thanks ;)

    We looking forward to future photo contests ^^.
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