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  1. Seren

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    Sea Chart Toolbars

    You have 2 main toolbars on your Sea Chart.

    The first is the Item Toolbar. This is for you to customize in whichever way suits you, an example is posted below.


    The second is the Action Toolbar. This is set for you, and you cannot change what is displayed there.


    Action Items

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    For each empty space you may put any action item that you wish from your main tool bar, in the example below we can see that the Action Item menu is open.


    Click and drag the item into a Toolbar Slot. Then click the x in the menu to close.



    Simply click on the harpoon(s) that you wish to move, hold down your mouse
    button and drag it to the empty slot you wish to fill.

    If you have all slots full, by
    dragging a new item into these slots will replace it with the new item you wish you use.


    To Add More Toolbars

    1. Click the "Options" button on your Sea Chart. This will open a box on your screen.

    2. Click the "Start Configurator" tab in the box. The screen will then change into a grid.


    3. Click on the "+" sign on your first toolbar. This will then open a second additional toolbar.

    4. Click on the "+" sign of the new toolbar. This will then open a third additional toolbar.


    You can quickly use items on different Toolbars by following the commands listed below:
    Toolbar 1: [Number]
    Toolbar 2: Alt + [Number]
    Toolbar 3: Ctrl + Alt + [Number]

    To Assign "Hotkeys"

    1. Click the "Options" button on your Sea Chart, as demonstrated, above.

    2. Click on the "Controls" tab on the top of the box. This will bring up a new box.


    3. As you can see, the items featured in the menu are already assigned "hotkeys". To assign a new one, click on the function you wish to change. We will use the Cannonball Menu for the example, above.

    4. You will then be prompted by the message, "Press any key". This will be found in the lower left-hand corner of the box, in green text.
    Press the desired key on your keyboard to assign a new "hotkey". I used the letter "K".
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