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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Swift, Sep 2, 2019.

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  1. ~turnip~

    ~turnip~ Forum Great Master

    and bigpoint's way of fixing this was to fix the coding, remove everything, compensate the free cannon and start the season again from the progess restore point, which resulted in lost coins and hence, lost legitimate cannons. so when are they going to compensate us for this? this alone is the reason I have not bothered with the season
  2. ɛxodiā

    ɛxodiā Junior Expert

    They wont, If you've played this game long enough, you will realise BP just break something else so players forget about their previous complaints xD
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  3. SonOfBlackSea≈[C⋆]

    SonOfBlackSea≈[C⋆] Someday Author

    how i make cheating with log out and login, when i play that season, i never log out my ship, and i see i never make 2x or more from achivment, cause i always look what acivment finish on my ship, and i remember
    so for what play cheating just with make 59 cannons??
    i not idiot for use cheating just forr little item
    and this problem not me, many player have some problem like me, and not use cheating
    if use cheating treasure chest will reset from 0 again and season achivment will reset too
    but my ship not like this, treasure chest reset from page 1 again, but on box 2, and the acivment not reset, is realy problem when achivment not reset
  4. ɛxodiā

    ɛxodiā Junior Expert

    well i dont understand how you made 59 cannons without the bug to be honest.

    I have played a lot since the season got reactivated, i am on page 3 and i dont even have 59 cannons yet.

    The season was only active for like a day before it got stopped. So, wether you like it or not, You must of used the bug to get that amount of cannons that quick.

    Quit crying and make them again if you did it so fast.
  5. kyloe

    kyloe Forum Master

    I never lost a single cannon or coin, so im not sure what you guys were doing....
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  6. SonOfBlackSea≈[C⋆]

    SonOfBlackSea≈[C⋆] Someday Author

    You still don't believe that? Alright let's count from where I got 59 cannons
    from page 1, u can get 10 if u finish all achivment, and can get 7 from tier chest, and open tier 1 chest
    and from page 2 u can get 20 cannon if finish all achivment, but i not open tier chest
    and from page 3 u can get 20 cannon if finish all achivment, but i not open tier chest to
    and free 2 canon from redame
    11 x Advanced Frames
    "2 x Worldbreaker Cannon Recipe"
    2 x Premium Metal Scraps
    1 x Robust Wood Pieces

    let's add up 17 from page 1 + 20 from page 2 + 20 from page 3 + 2 from redame = 59 cannon

    and you still accuse me of using bugs? :D loool
    if my season proges and season achivment reset all its np
    but only season progres tier reset, and not for season achivment
    for bug player will reset all from season progres tier and season achivment
    did I use a bug while only the progress tier season reset?
    lool think smart please
  7. SonOfBlackSea≈[C⋆]

    SonOfBlackSea≈[C⋆] Someday Author

    I currently have data that I have made from the results of my achievements
    i calculate my achivment :
    AchhivmentLVL 1LVL 2LVL 3LVL 4
    colect gold1525
    colect pearls1
    colect mojo
    collect crwon
    collect yulong coin
    kill npc cambiean waters1525
    kill npc tropical1525
    kill npc polar1525
    kill npc volcanic1
    kill npc low commonwealth15
    kill npc high commonwealth15
    kill npc low fangghuang15
    kill npc hight fanghuang1525
    kill monster cambiean waters1525
    kill monster tropical1525
    kill monster polar15
    kill monster volcanic1
    kill monster low commonwealth15
    kill monster high commonwealth
    kill monster low fangghuang
    kill monster hight fanghuang
    collect treasure chest1525
    collect event chest1525
    collect gliter1525
    damage old world admiral15
    damage commonwealth admiral1
    damage low fenghuang admiral1525
    damage high fenghuang admiral1525
    collect vanhu create
    kill old world admiral1525
    kill commonwealth admiral1
    kill low fenghuang admiral15
    kill high fenghuang admiral15
    damage to player1525
    damage to tower1525125
    kill player cambiean waters1
    kill player tropical1
    kill player polar1
    kill player volcanic1
    kill player low commonwealth1
    kill player high commonwealth1
    kill player low fangghuang1
    kill player hight fanghuang1
    collec rift emblem1
    collec rift coin1
    wave 1-515
    wave 6-1015
    wave 11-1515
    wave 16-201
    wave 21-251
    wave 26-301
    kill freedom2
    complete quest event210
    damage admiral event21050
    kill npc event21050
    Total52160475125TOTAL COIN812

    i have total 812 coin from achivment finish on my ship
    but on my ship not have 812 coin total from achivment, look at the picture

    i never used my coin after season start again

    lets check and calculate on my achivment from your sistem how many coins should I have.
    I calculated and made data carefully, and there were no errors

    u can look on the picture, i just have 532 coin, and just use 20 coin for open slot 1 and slot 2
    I don't know what else is less clear than that all, I just asked where my 260 coins were
    no longer
  8. Deathless-007

    Deathless-007 Junior Expert

    Finish wave 1-5,6-10,11-15,16-20,21-25,26-30 level 4 required 1000 times.When we do 1 time rift 5 wave count as 5 time,season is normally 90 days,we can get 3 rift emblem from 3 daily quest, requirement to enter rift map emblem increased by 1, so we can do 2 time normally a day, so We can 2 x times per day x 5 count x 90 days season = 900 times it will count.but level 1 to 4 requirement 1,10,100,1000 times (1111 times in 90 days). So fix it as reachable requirement.
  9. Swift

    Swift User


    Please be aware that Rift Emblems are available in some packages too, meaning this achievement is possible.

  10. Sea~Stream

    Sea~Stream Someday Author

    So they can only be done spending money ?
  11. ~turnip~

    ~turnip~ Forum Great Master

    rift a thousand times, even funnier than not giving the legitimately earnt coins back to us when you finally fixed most the coding :p
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  12. Loki162

    Loki162 Active Author

    if you can buy acheivments for real money why is anyone playing this game
  13. SonOfBlackSea≈[C⋆]

    SonOfBlackSea≈[C⋆] Someday Author

    still wait and no more information on 1 week
  14. Deathless-007

    Deathless-007 Junior Expert

    Its x 10 times harder and cost ($) than make 100 level 6 Doomhammers... please check game reality.
  15. SonOfBlackSea≈[C⋆]

    SonOfBlackSea≈[C⋆] Someday Author

  16. Elvis123

    Elvis123 Forum Apprentice

    I was just wondering, i saw that some people have gone into minus coins of effort due to bug abuse. The chests/tiers/rewards they unlocked abusing the bugs will they be removed or left on the account? I tried to find info on this but I am not sure.

    If they are allowed to keep the cannons/buffs/items despite the bug abuse the game developers are basically promoting bug abuse in the future as it just tells people they'll only get a slap on the wrist that won't matter if they achieved what they wanted by abusing the bug (in this cass the group map one)

    Is it possible to have more clarification on what happens with the rewards they gained abusing the bug.

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  17. ɛxodiā

    ɛxodiā Junior Expert

    I ended up -32 coins. i have kept the rewards from what id got from the bug (didnt even know it was a bug until the day after)
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  18. Elvis123

    Elvis123 Forum Apprentice

    So essentially from what exodia kindly posted, the seafight players who abused the bug, altough very unlikely to unlock further rewards this season if they've abused the bug and gone very negetive will keep the cannons and other rewards from this seasons without it being removed and next season when it resets they'll be able to start in the same position as those who did not abuse the bugs?

    If this is true the developers are just telling us to abuse bugs if we find them, I wouldn't personally want to abuse bugs but this is what the developers are saying: abuse bugs, get a slap on the wrist, keep rewards, and be more progressed than the users who follow the rules and play fairly.

    This is unfair, can't the developers remove the cannons people got from rewards. What should have happenned on the day of the bug, they should have located those who abused it and reset them back to the start time of the event so any progress they did gain from bug abuse is gone.

    What can devs do to help those who didn't abuse bugs and now are left miles behind those who did.

    Sorry for the rant it's just stupidly unfair.

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  19. aasgier-the-II

    aasgier-the-II Forum Greenhorn

    elvis you are 100% right i did not use the bugs but i mis some coins and now other players have all the stuff from season by using this bug is not fair if players keep all the stuff from bug
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  20. Satan_Himself

    Satan_Himself Forum Baron

    Well this sucks. People with over 200 cannons and they keep the rewards they just have to pay it back. Like a credit card but with no interesr and no due date.
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