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    SPIRITUAL~WARFARE Forum Apprentice

    people are talking about the end of the season. i have enough crafting elements to make 19 worldbreaker cannons but do not have the recipes. if the season ended soon will i lose the opportunity to craft those cannons all together?
    also is there a way to get the recipes in time?

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    You will keep your crafting elements. The coins will be removed, unless you have a negative balance. That will remain till paid off. And you Keys of Effort will be exchanged for the following:
    • 1 Worldbreaker cannon level 0
    • 1 day Queen´s legacy
    • 3,500 crowns
    • 1,000 Dragon Powder
    Hope this has answered your query.



    SPIRITUAL~WARFARE Forum Apprentice

    how can you get a negative balance on coins? actually my main question after your answer is--if i keep the crafting elements which right now says i have all the elements to make 19 worldbreaker cannons then i do not have to hope to get 19 recipes by end of season. going by what you are saying is it correct i will still have the elements to make the 19 worldbreaker cannons i will only still need the 19 recipes when the new season starts. is that correct?
  4. ~turnip~

    ~turnip~ Old Hand

    this is indeed correct. you will keep the crafting elements and by doing so, next season, you will only need to hunt the recipes to make the cannons. of course, after them 19 the whole process starts once more and you will have to hunt the relevant recipe and crafting elements.

    the negative coin balance came from a problem at the start of last season which resulted in players receiving more coins than they were eligible for. the problem was fixed and the ineligible coins removed, resulting in a negative coin balance for some players. this will of course carry over to the next season and hopefully the same problem won't occur :)

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Thank you ~turnip~ that is a good explanation.


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