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  1. Shiver

    Shiver Commander of the Forum

    Section Guidelines

    When posting here please use the following guidelines.

    Please remember that any ideas posted here should be well thought out and fully explained. All ideas should be to the benefit of the whole community not just a particular section.

    Titles should give a brief overview of what the idea is, simply stating "Idea" does not help anyone looking for previous posts of a similar nature. Please look for threads with the same idea, and add to that if you think more information is needed.

    When posting, please ensure that your posts are constructive and well thought out, all replies should also be constructive if you are posting against an idea. Posts like "I hate this" have no merit and will be deleted.

    While you may think an idea has no merit, you can say so without throwing insults, explain fully why you think something would not work, or have benifit to the whole community, insulting and abusive posts will be deleted.

    Duplicate posts will be deleted.

    All ideas that the majority of posters feel have merit will be closed and forwarded.

    Any threads that have become argumentative in nature will be closed without warning and no further action will be taken with regards to the idea or suggestion.

    The OP however is permitted to restart the thread.

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  2. Shiver

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    Please note these guidelines have been updated.

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