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  1. =Sherlock=

    =Sherlock= Forum Expert

    Hello Seren,

    Nice to meet you, thank you for all the hard work you do for the game and for keeping the forum threads free from flaming and insults. Hope to see you on the water

    A, Sherlock
  2. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Hi Sherlock, nice to meet you and I thank you for your comments.
  3. G-dude

    G-dude Regular

    What is your favorite ship design?
    I like the older designs from 2009 and before.
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    TEX~BULL User

    Happy new year Seren. Been a long time. Another old friend of ours messaged me and you came to mind. I pray the new year finds you and your family happy and health and I wish you much Prosperity in the coming year.


    PS sorry about still having BA on my siggy can't quite figure how to remove it
  5. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Love to you and yours Tex, you will always be a BA to me ;)
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  6. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Overlooker


    Okay now....I want to know if this is what you really look like Seren! If so, WoW! (If not, I love the graphics anyway)!:)
  7. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Overlooker

    I would like to ask how did you choose the name "Serengettispirit"? And what does it mean? Thank you.
  8. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    The name is a long story, it came from another hobby of mine at the time, and I use it for everything now.
  9. _RATTY_.

    _RATTY_. Exceptional Talent

    The Serengeti (/ˌsɛrənˈɡɛti/) ecosystem is a geographical region in Africa. It is located in northern Tanzania and extends to south-western Kenya between 1 and 3 degrees south latitudes and between 34 and 36 degrees east longitudes. It spans approximately 30,000 km2 (12,000 sq mi). The Kenyan part of the Serengeti is known as Maasai Mara.
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  10. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Overlooker

    I was fairly sure it was a feature of Africa, but wondered how she came up with it for her name. It is an intriguing phrase. Thanks Ratty!
  11. Graverattack

    Graverattack Padavan

    well maybe seren just likes wildlife, as do many of us
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  12. Grand-mariner™

    Grand-mariner™ Forum Veteran


    Maybe Seren is just as wild?:eek:

    Years ago there was a fantastic film called, 'Born Free', which was based on true events. They created a very emotional film about an orphaned Lioness cub called Elsa, where she was subsequently raised to adulthood by a couple, to be eventually released back into the Kenyan wilderness.

    Well worth searching for and watching.
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  13. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Overlooker

    Yes...maybe Seren likes wildlife like I do: There's Room for All of God's Creatures: Right next to the Mashed Potatoes and Gravy!!!:D
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  14. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Overlooker

    Yeah - There was a popular song that went with it too, and it won an Academy Award for Best Original Song. This film came out when I was a young boy.
  15. Grand-mariner™

    Grand-mariner™ Forum Veteran

    Yes, indeed. Entiled the same as the film itself, 'Born Free'. It was sung by singer, Matt Monro who himself had a very emotionally stirring nice voice. I too was a kid and can clearly remember seeing it at the ABC cinema, which chain has recently closed down in the UK.:(

    Back on track. Is this something you remember too, Seren. Or are you as I suspect, maybe too young, wild and attractive?
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  16. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Born Free - Stay Free - Life is worth Living when your born free.
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  17. hello seren .. love the sig ... :)
  18. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Thank you RedneckCrazy
  19. ICON™

    ICON™ User

    Hi Seren,
  20. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Hi there Icon

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