Serve merging and botting.

Discussion in 'Idea Pool & Suggestions' started by -Mr.Eyüp-, Nov 29, 2021.

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  1. -Mr.Eyüp-

    -Mr.Eyüp- Someday Author

    Lets face it Bigpoint, the servers are half dead / inactive no matter who you talk to

    from all server. Bot's have taken over, it has become more or less normal and Bigpoint does

    not do anything about it .The worst thing about Bot is that it kills the game, it allows people to just

    put on Bot while they then go to watch a movie, go out 2 hours, sit on ts to let the bot

    do the boring, and belive me, I understand it, is convenient and all that,

    because same with own hands would take several years to achieve.

    But if you remove bot, people then have to shoot events themselves, people have to do missions

    , one has to collect with one's own hands and in that way one draw people back to the

    game to actually play.

    If this is difficult to be done in practice, please bring a server merger or the possibility of teleporting to other servers

    example with cooldown 1 x a week etc. Something should be done because people are bored [Edit]
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  2. War!

    War! Forum Greenhorn

    why is bigpoint only thinking of his interest and not the opinion of the players? now, thanks to the unity client, the game is very fluid. We urgently need a server merger. all teamspeak are empty, even with events. We need seafight to come back to life! We want the merger !!!

    admin, we await an answer. Please bring this request to the attention of those responsible.
  3. -pysa-*

    -pysa-* Junior Expert

    This might not be related at all, but last time bp combined servers it didn't go so well imo. When the spanish and the skandinavian servers were combined the spanish players were and still are in greater numbers. So if they would have wanted to go together and made allies they could control every map and event. And it can be very bad if the players dont speak the same language. I don't know how many but probebly more than 90% of the players have quit since then, if they do this again there's no going back. This should be used as a last chance for seafight, but if they do this and seafight somehow gane a lot of players we would get the oposite problem that the servers would be too full.
    The only thing they can do is to ban all bots, they might kill the game since they ban almost everyone. But it would still be worth the risk.
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  4. War!

    War! Forum Greenhorn

    unity is able to handle a lot of players. Therefore, the problem does not exist. Merge the servers!
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  5. alektra

    alektra Someday Author

    Merge Serv
    keep in mind that we have several on service the better faster net is required I do not think everyone has access to 100-500 gb
  6. -Mr.Eyüp-

    -Mr.Eyüp- Someday Author

    I do not need more friends or to be understood xD i need more happening, more to shoot at, the enemies we have now do not work,

    they give up after 2 attempts and the server is difficult to balance to equal sides. Fresh blood had done everyone good xD
  7. timarpaul1

    timarpaul1 Forum Inhabitant

    merdge will only bring more bot`s togheder
    honnes players will have less resourses
    GAME is OVER not because players dont play its because BP its to greedy and bring updates on and on
  8. Carnage~Queen

    Carnage~Queen Junior Expert

    Yep - server merges just part of the answer plus better 'BOT' deletion by BP.
    One big problem to recruitment of new players is the huge gulf that exists for newcomers in particular in the ability to compete with the established players especially if they are a 'free/no pay' player. THE GAP IS GIGANTIC!
    Even I cannot compete with the BOTS and the dedicated BP paying genuine players but am able to deter new players within a couple of shots just like the BOT merchants can sink me in 2 shots, even with all of its probs Seafight still a good game
  9. War!

    War! Forum Greenhorn

  10. .Kenze.

    .Kenze. Forum Connoisseur

    What they are doing id this: Those with "red eyes" is being pretectet by their clan members so they they can can get event things!Even they cant shot very fast or hard,their members keep us away so they can get last shot.Saw that all last evening/night!Bottom line...even with "red eyes" they still are here.Took many screen shots. I can show who from which clan and members but guess not allow.;)

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