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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rymar, Jul 13, 2022.

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  1. Fisherman

    Fisherman Forum Greenhorn

    fix the lag, its unplayable
  2. Serachi™

    Serachi™ Forum Apprentice

    I play on Skandinavia1, how do i play on the merged server?
  3. -={Old=Yella}=-

    -={Old=Yella}=- Forum Apprentice

    You should already be on it m8y!
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  4. Serachi™

    Serachi™ Forum Apprentice

    I dont know if it is just me that are stupid but Global europa 8 is a new server and we have to start from scratch with new boat ect?
    I cant find it in the server menu, i can only see up to global europa server 7?
  5. -Mr.Eyüp-

    -Mr.Eyüp- Junior Expert

    Global 8 it a new server, those who were on scandinavian server is now automatic apart of the big server merge with their main ship. So if u logg in as normal u will be apart of the server merge. If u want try out the new server u need start over from 0 at the new one
  6. Mozart

    Mozart Forum Greenhorn

    Game is unplayable and you complain about bots, good logic.
  7. baronvonrat

    baronvonrat Junior Expert

    Ok server merge so far ok yes the first 2 days were cruel but BP are on the case plenty of chests plenty of ships and event's so far so good very little lag now. Some fantastic stack fights never been so good as far as thats concerned. All I can see is it getting better its full on i play for about 1 to 2 hours with both ships its intense then i have to take a break. As for bots not seen any so many players on the water they get sunk continuously good bp for all the true players. Keep tweaking BP, its getting there, next season is going to be the big test but so far all is good for me good luck every one
  8. crazy-diamond

    crazy-diamond Junior Expert

    well... so far this server merge has proved to be a massive mistake... this server is completely ruined, cant say anything good about it whatsoever
  9. -Mr.Eyüp-

    -Mr.Eyüp- Junior Expert

    maybe because 234234324 more bot's is making the server go even more shit also ? So yeah, I guess I do worrie about autotarget loser's and autoshoot back loser's who can't play without cheat for win :)
  10. AthenaGc

    AthenaGc Forum Apprentice

    Don't tell me it true! More bots on server merge? Hehehehe :p
  11. -pysa-*

    -pysa-* Junior Expert

    Ships on the sea again, that's good bp. But no more servers to merge now, it has to work. Please go harder on the cheaters or the server will die once again in not too long. Take your own game back from the bots.

    Please take the risk and ban them all, the only way.
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  12. Forum Apprentice

    Ban them all it easy to say ... these players are also customers for BP, nobody uses bot without buying packages every month, that makes no sense, pearls and yulong are useless without the strongest cannons available. Bots exist for more than 10 years, so dont expect them to suddenly disappear, learn to live with that.
  13. -pysa-*

    -pysa-* Junior Expert

    I know.. but for how long can seafight continue like this? They can choose to take the bots money for 2 years or something until they game is dead, or they can take a risk and ban them all today.
  14. Xenoverse

    Xenoverse Padavan

    all them farmers mad and all drilled up, but still, they registered on *PVP SERVERS* when they originally created their accounts. :D

    Good job people :D
  15. the server merge is good gives back some fighting wars instead of been boring well done bp
  16. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Count Count

    With this Merge we now have 20 servers together. They have increased some of the spawn rates to compensate for this. Now that we've played one event since the merge, I wonder if the number of winners should also be 20x higher so the total rewards are the same as before ie, 20x first place, 20x 2nd place, etc.

    I used to get some event rewards in the past, but on this last event the best I ever placed was around 1800. No where close to any reward, yet at 20x I would have at least got the 50-100 place reward if it had been pre merge.
  17. BiggiSmalls

    BiggiSmalls Forum Apprentice

    Where is the global chat for all servers ?
  18. mixa126

    mixa126 Forum Greenhorn

    i cant even farm properly due to bot-ships shooting everything around
  19. this is the problem global chat mean just that not a english chat the global one is at top on chats all non english go to CHAT one

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