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Discussion in 'Idea Pool & Suggestions' started by doom#of#hell#1, Aug 20, 2022.

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  1. doom#of#hell#1

    doom#of#hell#1 Forum Greenhorn

    maby can we do a server merge between the pve servers gl7 and gla3 and 1 a month make ther a pvp server so littel boats can build der boats and big boats can schoot 1 a month for battelpoints
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  2. Tengo

    Tengo Forum Greenhorn

    I like your idea, the gl7 server is getting empty of players
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  3. Forum Apprentice

    Or you could go play in new pvp server , there you can build fast accounts and in 2 years max this server will be merged with the megaserver :D
  4. lude1962

    lude1962 Forum Great Master

    No! People have paid for pve so it should stay that way, or get their money back if it changes to pvp.

    BABY-SNAKE-DOCTOR1 Forum Greenhorn

    Why not merge Global US 2 & 3 with Global US 1. That way no one looses anything :)
  6. lude1962

    lude1962 Forum Great Master

    How do you propose to merge pve and pvp with no changes to pvp/pve?

    SNAKE-DOCTOR Forum Greenhorn

    Why not merge Global US 2 & 3 with Global US 1. That way no one looses anything :)
    How do you propose to merge pve and pvp with no changes to pvp/pve?
    They way they have been merging other pvp.
  8. MurdøcK™

    MurdøcK™ Forum Greenhorn

    This games is so lame. They literally changed in my main account 350 overlord cannons lvl 3 and lvl2, bastion cannons lvl 6,5,4 worldbreaker lvl6,5, one eyed raven lvl 3(50), full castles, skills. 200+ das queen legacy, 200+ days king legacy and more boosts 20m cannonballs almost of everyone. For a lvl 1 account with lvl 4 100 painbringer cannons and you called it an "special package????". Like are you even professionals at all?? you're just a joke. Hundreds of dollars wasted and cannot event give us a 15 level account. I don't care if you ban me. I'm tired of this sh...
  9. -☆•ForSaken•☆-

    -☆•ForSaken•☆- Forum Greenhorn


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  10. Kobok

    Kobok Forum Apprentice

    this game is starting to feel boring and starting to cause disgust, they provide an hour of protection once a day, the server is combined with all the players who have very large money gathered on one server, it is impossible to grow and develop if it is difficult to play alone, must sink thousands of times every time you want play?
  11. Forum Apprentice

    You could start from scratch in pve server.
  12. minesleeper

    minesleeper Junior Expert

    So people invest in pve, according to you its acceptable to merge with pvp, the current gl8 mixed server only currently allows 1 hr pve play a day, what about all the other hours the pve players have paid for?
  13. timarpaul1

    timarpaul1 Forum Inhabitant

    set unlimited AURA whit perls and merdge us all
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  14. Forum Apprentice

    yeah and when aura has cooldown you ll gonna sail in tortuga just like watching through the key hole :p
  15. timarpaul1

    timarpaul1 Forum Inhabitant

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