Suggestion Server without selling packages

Discussion in 'Idea Pool & Suggestions' started by seafightcaptain, May 26, 2024.

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Do you willing to pay subscription based new server?

This poll will close on Nov 26, 2024 at 5:12 AM.
  1. Yea! Great Idea.

  2. Nop, i like to pay new cannons coming every month.

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  3. Nop, i like to be a toy for p2w players.

  4. Nop, i just do not care and i just grinding.

  1. seafightcaptain

    seafightcaptain Forum Greenhorn

    Yea as we know corporations must earn. My suggestion is having server without selling any package maybe selling pre+ acceptable but nothing else more! no cannons lvl 5 6 7 10..

    So how you can earn? I'm willing to pay acceptable subscription fee. New server should subscription based global server.


    I open my new character yesterday i became 8-9 lvl easily i got my lvl5 cannons from event store and all looks great even i open some castles and make full 50 for cannon reload speed in abilities board and within week i can be full all pearl related stuffs via golems.

    But then what?

    Dang it i remember its pay to win game :) and cannons matters a lot. Trophy or achievements just small story idk might have %0.1 effect.

    So i'll not continue play. But i might consider coming back if such decision was made by administration board.

    Conclusion: Pay to win players just do not deserve my attention and i do not be toy for them to play with me (period)!

    BTW i'm not even mentioning players that uses some tools to achieve achievements or trophy things which are non sense, no real player can easily enable such buffs (if they have life)
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