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Discussion in 'New Pirate Tutorials' started by Sкуℓιηєя, Jan 28, 2020.

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  1. Sкуℓιηєя

    Sкуℓιηєя Junior Expert

    This section of the form is probably rife with requests asking how to build a ship, but sifting through I couldn't find much specific information that also relates to me. Here I am going to dump all the information I can about my ship and what I would like to do with it, with the hope that you more advanced players can guide my ship building mission :)

    What i want to do with my ship - I am Level 14 on ENGLAND 1, But am not too fussed with the PvP Aspect of the game at the minute I want my ship to be built for NPCs & Event Ships Specifically, So I can gather the materials to gain PvP skills at a much later date.

    My Current Resources - 1.2 Million Pearls, 500 Crystals, 18k Crowns, 2k Yulong Coin, 14k Rift Coin

    - I'd like to know what currency to focus on gathering and what to spend it on, I am currently farming Pearls & Crystals from the Chinese Event as many people are

    Cannons -
    37 - Worldbreaker Cannons
    1 - Level 0 Firestorm, 2 - Level 1 Firestorm
    15 - Level 4 Doomhammer, 1 - Level 2 Doomhammer
    15 - Level 2 Devastator
    25 - Level 2 Voodoo, 139 - Level 0 Voodoo [Level 3 Voodoo Priest]
    345 - Admiral Cannons [Preset 1 For maximum Hollow Damage]

    [74 Purchased EXPANSION Slots, 145 Purchased WEAPON Slots]
    Currently 345 Cannon Slots, But not for long.

    Current Boosters -

    Ivory Deck - Unlimited [No Idea where or how i got this tbh]
    Cunning Cannon Boost - 17 Days
    Masterwork Tools - 13 Days
    Polished Muzzles - 13 Days
    Sagittarius Hull - 12 Days
    Queens Legacy - 4 Days
    Virgo Hull - 4 Days
    Ebony Deck - 4days
    Level 1 Sellsword - 1 Day
    Cabin Boys - 14 Days

    Gems - Ship [] Pet - []
    Pet - Aeroctopoda [+15.75% DMG Prevention, +16.5% Hit Probability]
    Ship - Mojo Design [+20% Gold, +23% DMG, +21% CRIT DMG, +23% DMG Prevention, +15% Dodge]

    Castle -
    Forecastle - Slot 1 [6/8] Cannon Loader [5/8] Slot 2 - [3/8] Centerboard [3/8]
    Voodoo Castle - Slot 1 [2/8] Voodoo Mirage [2/8]
    Aft Castle - Slot 1 [3/8] Stempost [3/8]

    Skill Tree -
    Damage Sheet - [Level 2]

    Reload Time -10% [Super Salvo Level 20]
    Hit Probability +1% [Offensive Assault Level 5]
    Boarding Bonus +7% [Boarding Bonanza Level 10]
    Weapon Slots +10 [Extra Arms Level 20]

    Defense Sheet - [Level 2]

    Expansion Slots +40 [Super Structure Level 20]
    Damage Prevention +8% [Reduce Harm Level 25]
    Hit Points +20400 [Hale and Hearty Level 5]
    HP Repair +6.5% [Quick Fix Level 5]

    Economy Sheet -, [Level 2]

    Speed +38 [Speed Freak Level 20]
    Board Loot +17.5%, Gold +120% [Gilded Age Level 25]
    Harpoon Reload -17% [Harpoon Hustler Level 20]
    Max Heal Value +40% [Monster Remedy Level 15]
    Harpoon Damage +20 [Damage Maker Level 5]

    Season Progression -

    All Tier 1 & Tier 2 Rewards Unlocked, Tier 1 Chest Unocked, Teir 2 Chest NOT Unlocked

    Specific Information I'd like to know -

    - What Cannons i should be focusing on getting and how
    - Any Payment Packages that i would REALLY Benefit from
    - Where my focus should be to get maximum growth
    - Boosters I should buy with pearls/crowns

    Any just any information you think would help me have a more enjoyable experience in seafight and please tell me if i missed anything out, I tried to include as much information as possible so that you guys can tell me as accurately as possible what i should be doing thank you :)
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  2. tigermoth1037

    tigermoth1037 Padavan

    - What Cannons i should be focusing on getting and how - Worldbreakers - Free option. Painbringers if paying ££

    - Any Payment Packages that i would REALLY Benefit from - at the moment, no, they're fairly poor packs in this event imo. You would beneft from Rebate and premium if you dont already have them - also, Buy ribs when they come available and get them to level 5 as soon as you can, this will really help with the amount of damage you receive from NPCs.

    - Where my focus should be to get maximum growth - focus on anything that is reload time / Damage prevention / Dodge / Cannon Damage / Hit probability

    - Boosters I should buy with pearls/crowns - at your level it is hard to advise really, mainly because it was so long ago that i was level 14 ahah, but level 1 sellsword would be good for you = extra cannons. spend all your pearls on castles 8/8
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  3. HMS-dozza

    HMS-dozza Regular

    Hi, I will be able to give you a detailed run down of what to do tomorrow but it's late so here's my initial thoughts

    To make pearls/crowns you need the most damage per cannonball you can manage, the more each cannonball hits, the bigger your profits. In addition reload speed can effectively reduce the amount of damage you take as you take down your opponent faster, with this in mind:

    -re-spec you skills if possible, aim for the black powder skill and reload skill to max, the cannon slots are weak in comparison and add no efficiency.

    - Get reloader castle to max next castle day if you can, then invest in either damage Castle or wildfire if you can stock up on flares (seriously that castle is op)

    - Try to get the next tier of season, try the rift if you're struggling for coins, getting to wave 10 is quite easy and you can farm up to 62 coins doing it. Paying the £8.99 for the extra key is worth it for the 34 World breakers and 3 gem bags among some other nice items.

    - Aside from the world's from season there's not much you can do besides buy packages. Levels up to 20 will give you plenty of voodoos to play with though which can make do.

    Currency wise use your crystals to buy damage tree skills as above until gunpowder and reload are maxed, save your pearls for Castle day, and also save your crowns/yulongs, you have no use for them yet.
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  4. piranhahunter

    piranhahunter Forum Connoisseur

    following your post
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  5. Sea-Sea

    Sea-Sea Padavan

    One advice if buying packages: Do not buy the standard cannon packages, ship extension packages nor Jolly Roger packages as they are way to expensive compared to other packages.

    For extensions, ribs are the most important. A package with min. 10 lvl 5 ribs and other nice stuff could be considered. I expect that there most likely will be some good packages when SF have their birthday event in mid March?
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  6. tigermoth1037

    tigermoth1037 Padavan

    Fully agree, most of the time you can buy a big pack for say £50 and get decent cannons, level 5 ribs etc all in 1 buy rather than buying them seperately and upgrading them over time
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  7. Sкуℓιηєя

    Sкуℓιηєя Junior Expert

    Thank you for all the response :)

    Is it worth waiting till castle day, Since the last one was just in december and there wont be one till march probably since they only come up every few month, Or is it worth maxing The castle slots you said now, and then use that to grind pearls for next castle day to max the other slots?
  8. HMS-dozza

    HMS-dozza Regular

    You should definitely wait. Maxing your castles at a rough guess is around 50-60m pearls without discount so at minimum the discount refunds
    12, 500,000 pearls over the course of maxing.

    Even on the around 2m it will cost you to do one castle to 8 you stand to save 500k, so unless you will profit 500k from the castle upgrades alone between now and March you should wait.

    Waiting sucks I know but there is some stuff you can do to scratch the itch. Calculate how much it will cost to max your reload Castle and to get the damage castles you want on Castle day and save that amount. Anything over that you can buy crystals with and work on your damage skills.
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  9. robodol1.

    robodol1. Padavan

    Defenently dont wait until castles days even if they are in and of February you will gain more profit by the extra damage done now in castles until then, for example upgrade the 8% elite damage castle asap the reload castle and the 8% accuracy it will bring you lot of profit till then, the seasons are good for earning worldbreaker cannons they are way better than the voodoo you use now I would say like a double or triple hit easily compared to voodoo cannons?
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  10. Sкуℓιηєя

    Sкуℓιηєя Junior Expert

    That is what I was thinking, With the extra damage I could sink more Screaming Dragons and 500k Pearls is only 20 Screaming Dragons if i can kill 20 extra it would save me the difference, and it would also make my map doing, and other NPCs Much easier

    My voodoo cannons are at +30 Elite Ammo Bonus I belive (if thats how it works) I have a Level 3 Voodoo Priest so surely that would be better than world breaker? But im a bit uncertain because the +30 Elite ammo bonus seems like too much and I don't know if it only applies to Voodoo ammo
  11. Sкуℓιηєя

    Sкуℓιηєя Junior Expert

    I have calculated the cost of it and the reduced cost 10 times over trying to work out if it is worth it or not haha but if I was just to go for the BEST Castle Slots, Which I dont exactly know which ones are the best for me which is why I haven't done it yet but if i was to get the best ones I could make so much extra pearls in the event and the Sun Bonus map until the next castle day
  12. HMS-dozza

    HMS-dozza Regular

    I think you're over estimating how much difference the 8% will make. The 8% only applies to the base cannonball damage, in this case flares. So 75 x 0.08 x your cannons (345) = 2,070 extra damage. You will not make 500k back with that extra damage alone, please wait for castle days.

    World beaker are WAY better than voodoo, voodoos have +30 damage with lv3 preist. World's have +100 damage with a +70% elite bonus (cba to explain how this works but it's good)
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  13. HMS-dozza

    HMS-dozza Regular

    This is very ill-informed, low level players will see more gain from the normal damage castle than elite one as their base elite damage is low.

    Refer to my above reply for why waiting for castle day is much better
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  14. HMS-dozza

    HMS-dozza Regular

    Okay I have my calculations sorted. Using your above info and a few assumed things (like using blackpowders, having a gunner, seahorse league) I estimate your damage to be 47,000 /shot with flares, averaging 50,000 if you include crits. You do triple damage on event NPCs with flares so you will have 150,000 damage. 15,000,000/150,000 = 100 Shots.

    Max damage skill will increase your average damage to 52,000 so 156,000 on event. 15,000,000 /156,000 = 96 Shots

    So the 8% damage saves you 4 Shots so 4 x 345 = 1380 Flares = 690 Pearls per kill.

    Damage castle will cost you 1,925,000 Pearls without discount, 1,925,000 x 25% = 481,250 Pearls

    This means you have to solo kill 698 dragons (481,250/690) in the next 4 days to make it worth buying now.

    Good luck :p
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  15. Sкуℓιηєя

    Sкуℓιηєя Junior Expert

    Thank you very much for helping me :) Really appreciate it. I'll wait till castle days and i'll stick to what you said - Earn enough pearls to max what I want then spend all the excess on crystals for skills I dont struggle too much with the Screaming Dragon NPC so I should still be able to farm effectively and I confused Rift cannons with Worldbreaker cannons, thinking that they were just +5 Elite ammo
  16. piranhahunter

    piranhahunter Forum Connoisseur

    damn your good with numbers!!
    i should ask u to do my ships numbers also lol
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  17. HMS-dozza

    HMS-dozza Regular

    Feel free to post your stuff, I'll get around to it at some point!
  18. tigermoth1037

    tigermoth1037 Padavan

    Do you want a job? hahhaa xD good workings out there mate well played for putting the time in.
  19. HMS-dozza

    HMS-dozza Regular

    Maybe I want forum mod ;)

    Nah it takes me a few mins, I have a ballin' spreadsheet
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  20. TEX~BULL

    TEX~BULL User

    Please feel free to put in an application. We can always use the help!

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