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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seren, Aug 12, 2020.

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  1. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Sightseeing Sorcery

    Ahoy Pirates,

    Please leave any feedback in this discussion thread, for your thoughts and comments on Sightseeing Sorcery.

    Remember to stay within forum rules or you may find your forum privileges removed.

    Your Seafight Team
  2. ~turnip~

    ~turnip~ Old Hand

    packs are bad but event is ok :p
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  3. _litboy_

    _litboy_ Forum Greenhorn

    when does the event start and what is it? should i be looking for new boats on water to sink?
  4. Satan_Himself

    Satan_Himself Forum Baron

    How long untill rewards get nered and HP gets increased?
  5. ☆PANTΣЯ☆

    ☆PANTΣЯ☆ Forum Apprentice

    no need to nerf the event if it already sucks
  6. StarLightS

    StarLightS Junior Expert

    One of those skippable events to me, first ship gives like nothing, need to shoot a lot of them to get something out of it. Would prefer to increase the HP of it to like 15-20 million. You won't even get the oppurtunity to shoot the first admiral unless it spawns on you, you're in a big guild or have a strong ship since they're gonna fight you for it. Kinda wished you'd turn off the spawn announcent on the first admiral but keep it on the 2nd one, since the first one spawns pretty often and you're just gonna get railed when you're alone, especially the small-mid players.
  7. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Count Count

    Yulong rewards again are pathetic. The only winners here are the "auto-players" (as always). Until BP takes action to permanently ban their accounts and not hide behind weak legal excuses, this game - Seafight - is permanently "sunk". Players do not own their accounts; that is in the TOS. So ban these "anonymously-named" cheaters permanently! Just log in a few days and a blind man can see who they are. And the game is absolutely infested with them. Is BP really afraid some "nobody player" is going to fly to Germany and win a huge monetary judgment against their iron-clad sign-up agreements? I don't think so!
  8. lude1962

    lude1962 Forum Connoisseur

    “Ritual Smasher” ranking
    only goes up to 50, the bots are already out in front, what about rewards for normal players?
    Or was it designed like so many other events the bots always win?
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  9. lellu85

    lellu85 Padavan

    Event admiral counter doesnt work ( not even after clearc cache etc.) Anyone else has this problem? Its been that for hours
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  10. Shelby1

    Shelby1 Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Thank you all for your feedback we shall now close as the event has finished.

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