slow respond on game for some players after golem event started

Discussion in 'General Feedback' started by -*the*hacker2*-, Dec 26, 2021.

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  1. -*the*hacker2*-

    -*the*hacker2*- Forum Greenhorn

    I just want to understand 1 thing from people who are creating the events ?
    you dont think about the lag at all ? or the late respond
    i check my enternet and other stuff, my computer is gaming computer but still taking 2 to 5 second to respond after this event come, if you cant handle the lag or late respond for the events just DONT START IT, because this is really annoying
    any one have the same issue that i have ?

    event in clinking the stuff such as blood lust, it takes 5 sec to respond, also in the jumbing map it happen te same, impossible play this game like that

    just remove the even if you cant fix this late respond and lag, im taking seriously, im really mad cause this happend in every mixed event, its easy just dont mix events thats all
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  2. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight


    we had no further reports of any lag / server issues, are you still experiencing this problem?

  3. -={Old=Yella}=-

    -={Old=Yella}=- Forum Apprentice

    lag is bad today - having checked the usual suspects, cookies, site data, internet connectivity etc etc - cannot find anything wrong at my end. Crossing maps, firing harps. At one stage I could not go from right of map tward the left got as far as row 50 - even with loggin out and in nuthin changed so logged out.

  4. Nimitz

    Nimitz S-Moderator Team Seafight

    Ahoy mate,

    As Rymar has stated there are no reports of server issues or lag. Are you running other things on your computer or browser that could be taking up RAM or bandwidth?
  5. -={Old=Yella}=-

    -={Old=Yella}=- Forum Apprentice

    No is the short answer since the 1st post above I have regone through all the checks outlined and again cleared ALL cache(s).
    The only thing I have running is Seafight and Firefox when I cross over to the Forum. On this relogging into the game (1 hr later approx) I experienced difficulty in loggin in to it - 4 attempts inc the 'white page/ing' that has persisted since the changeover last year on the main page and the game page which takes an age to attempt to load:oops:
  6. Nimitz

    Nimitz S-Moderator Team Seafight

    When was the last time you restarted your computer? Have you checked your task manager too?
  7. -={Old=Yella}=-

    -={Old=Yella}=- Forum Apprentice

    Same day ...and every day usually around 5pm UK time. I also re booted my hub as well to make sure in addition to which I ran disc clean up and the defragmenter (which is normally done in the early hours on a Sat morn).
    It appears to be better this morn with the exeception of the changeover from main page to Forum page with a very long delay before Firefox responds to Seafight (not responding message) and again on Forum Page while it searches for/waits for blue 'I agree' conditions click.
    Question: It appears to me that BP/Seafight have slowed down their server to the bare minimum functionality settings - hence the slowness of responces within game and its pages - has it?

    Having now been playing the game for approx 45 mins from posting above it is now noticeable of in game hesitation - game pauses for a mo when you clik on npc, monster or shiny or dif location on map. When trying to collect quest prize from Loreena B in 14 had to clik 3 times b4 game responded to pay out
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  8. Nimitz

    Nimitz S-Moderator Team Seafight

    Ahoy mate,

    Unfortunately it is something on your side that is slowing the game down. If Firefox is giving you a not responding error that means there is some issues with your computer as the forum is separate from the game. It may be failing hardware or a bad update. But as Rymar has stated there are no server issues on the game or the forum.

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