Test: Level 42 - 43

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  1. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Test: Level 42 - 43

    The Genie of the Lamp

    Start At: Nelson Murphy (SH-44/1)


    Visible Condition:

    Completed Daily Quest: Treasure Hunting


    Completed Daily Quest: Treasure Hunting


    Board 1 Shayatun
    Collect 5 Small Gems
    Collect 5 Precious Books

    Where to find!?

    Shayatun can be found in the map 42/2
    Small Gems gained by completing Daily Quest: Hidden Gem
    Precious Books gained by completing Daily Quest: Treasure Hunting


    Well, those books ain’t the treasure I was looking for but, look, I think we found our Genie! They’re talking about a creature, like one of these Djinns, not one that grants wishes but ones that wants to kill ya. And that Djinn, he has a magic lamp on him. Find him. His name is Shayatun. You steal the lamp and come back. Do not rub the lamp before me! Understood?

    End At: Loreena Barrett (SH-44/1)



    Level 43
    4,375,000 Experience Points
    1 Extra Weapon Slot
    1 The Lamp

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