The "Maps of Forever" (Birthday) Event

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seren, Mar 18, 2019.

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  1. Adysopitos

    Adysopitos Forum Apprentice

    Well starting of The Normal Event NPC Initiate of the Cult is not good give ONLY ep mostly.The admirals are good for pearls but their spawn radius announcement is small.Cakes spawn one per 14hrs i have not shot them but they should give good pearls too. Quests can be done if u want to kill time they reward 2k/3k/5k pearls mostly. Shipwrecks and Chests are so so ... not very good not very bad.(edited)

    So now we come to the new MAP.To get into the new map you have to buy two stuffs from IN game shop, they are Key of forever and Temporal Energy.(First energy is worth 1 gold and goes to 3,000 crowns on next days it runs out every 24 hours.Key of forever is permanent and costs 9.5k pearls).You can access Key of forever ONLY if you have temporal energy.They say they will allow us to keep key of forever even after event runs out.

    After going to SHOP you can check this box then you can find those two items fast rather than scrolling down and you might miss.

    After that you can join Map of Forever using the key you just got. After going there you will see SIX portals at first (3 on top and 3 on bottom).These are: Portal of Reality Mini game: “Jadestorm map” Portal of Time Mini game: “Assault on Safe Haven” Portal of Power Mini game: “Phantom Labyrinth” Portal of Mind Group map: “Elemental Armageddon” Portal of Space Group map: “Golem group map” Portal of Soul Group map: “Battle the Black Toll”(edited)

    Completing each Portal yourself will give you rankings points.It is pretty easy to get in top 100 of few games and to get in 100-150 ranges of others.Here are rankings reward.

    For solo rankings(edited)

    Group maps

    I personally was in top 100 in two group maps on both days and top 200 in Solo map.This might not be the case as even progresses on as more people will play it and know HOW to play it.

    These are few point to remember. 1>Each player have their OWN map of forever. 2>They can invite 4 players to their map for completing the group maps.(The player who is to be invited MUST be in safe haven). 3>The invited players can even do the SOLO maps for them but the player who does the map will get ranking points. 4>You need to finish AT LEAST 3 maps to go to BIG PORTALS which rewards A LOT.The more you finish the better. 5>To go to Mini games(solo mode) go to the respective circles and get INSIDE the circle then click on the portal. 6>To go to group MAP ALL THE SHIPS MUST be inside the portal at same time then CLICK on the portal all those OUTSIDE WON'T be teleported to that map. 7>For group maps ONLY you can take roles in centre from Al-AKHIR just click on the quest accept and redeem it. 8>After finishing 3 maps u can go to BIG portal go to AL-AKHIR and click on NEW quests accept and redeem them then go INSIDE circle and click on biggest portal in middle. 9>Once a player's map had done a map it wont be active again for 24hrs you have to buy again the temporal energy.So best is to get 5 players and go to each others maps one buy one.(edited)

    This is how you invite after u reach there.
    Now will be explaining all the maps in details.......

    GOLEM GROUP MAP: It is a simple one there are 4 main golems which split into 2 after sunk and 2 more if you further sink the spawned ones. The Golems have different elements and using opposing elemental AMMO causes more damage(I wont recommend that unless you have whole group using it and you are going for rankings).

    Elemental Armageddon Group Map: This group map is similar to one solo map so don't get confused. In this map 4 lions statue are there you shoot one and tiger spawns(yea, right shoot LIONS tiger comes, Really Seafight?) So every Lion you sink gives you a buff/debuff. According to me the best order to shoot lions IS We shoot Lions in the ORDER of Earth Air fire and water.


    I say this because Earth will spawn a zone that kill minions, Air spawns minion which will get killed by earth's Zone, Fire spawns zone player stick together the more players together the less damage they receive, Water zone is like MINES the more player the higher damage so player need to be far apart.

    Battle the Black Toll Group Map: You got there and shoot one NPC.(2 tank 2 attack and 1 healer is best combo). If you shoot down 25% of total HP of main NPC it will disappear and spawn 12 more NPC, run to corners when this happens repair a little and shoot down those 12 npc's when they split up.Npc attack Healer and tank and they sometimes spawn zones that HEAL their NPC.They also spawn a RED zone that slows player ship speed and reload speed.After killing all 12 NPC's the Big npc appears again and you can continue.DONT GET SUNK in this map or you will loose buffs noobs (edited)

    Phantom Labyrinth Mini Game: SOLO The hardest game so far i don't think we have ever completed this. You have to shoot 4 creeper in 4 sides and then shoot Gantril in middle. You have to avoid the moving candle zones they do 500k dmg. The creepers themselves shoot like LMG speed so put guardian on and repair after shooting one.

    Assault on the Safe Haven Mini Game: The easiest game you have to escort 8 npc from middle to edges. There are other NPC group that will shoot your friends you have to sink them before they sink your friends.The attacker are either 1 shot or in 2 shot maximum you can sink each(3 in one group) The attacks spawn on edges go fast and take them down rotate in cc or ccw direction.DONT sink you own npc like (edited)

    You are in middle Red points are where the attacker spawn

    Jadestorm Mini Game: This is also a good one i completed all of this pretty easy too. There are two versions of this. Hexed and Normal (you will see it written on below the NPC ). Normal version: After joining the map, you will face Qiong Qi, a flying tiger, as well as four stone lions, where each lion represents one of the four elements: Water, Earth, Air and Fire. Your goal is to attack and sink Qiong Qi. When Qiong Qi has reached a certain amount of HP, he disappears and takes possession of one of the stone lions. In this phase you have to shoot the opposing element, this will also be shown above the possessed lion. Attacking the right statue will spawn minions who will attack the possessed lion. E.g. if The Tiger takes possession of the fire lion, you have to attack the water lion! After the minions have destroyed the possessed lion, Qiong Qit will be banished from the statue, and the game starts a new. Each mini game has two of these phases. If you attack a stone lion, which does not oppose the possessed lion, enemy ships will spawn and attack you. There is no ranking for this version.

    Hexxed version: In this version, it is the same setup as in the normal version, but now you have to use the new elemental ammo to get the tiger out of the possessed stone lion. As soon as the stone lion is destroyed, several lanterns will spawn, and each of them is also associated with an element. Now you only have to sink the lanterns representing the same element as the recently possessed stone lion. When all lanterns from the relevant element are sunk, the tiger reappears. When the Qiong Qit possesses the stone lion for the second time - and you free it again - you have to shoot two types of lanterns. E.g. the first time the tiger takes possession of the water lion and the second time of the fire lion, this means that you have to shoot on the water and fire lanterns. The order does not matter. The time taken counts into a ranking which will be rewarded at the end of the event.

    TIPS for group maps 1>Have Guardian on no matter what ROLE you take. 2>DONT get sunk in some maps that give u debuff. 3>Even if u get sunk come back to the map after you get sunk(cant do this in BIG portals.) 4>The more maps you complete the better BIG portal will be.
    Some big portal Information here:

    Sound of crashing teleports you to a map with shipwrecks there are like 7 to 8 shipwreck with 50k hp and ne with 300k hp the rewards are damage based.

    Shipwrecks rewards

    Sound of coins Teleport you to a map with glitters.You get Vodoo cannons/Firestorm/Pet gem bag/Emperor bag from them.

    The shipwrecks and glitter are group maps. There are two more group maps which have 25m or 50m hp NPC


    This is my rewards from one of them the REWARDS ARE BASED ON DAMAGE SHARED.

    In this map the ELDER ORB did 100k damage to one player per tick and a bomb of 250k-300k damage per 60s so just take in turn to get it's damage and heal after u loose some hp if u get sunk u will miss the loot

    The other map had one 25m HP npc i got i think QL from it and some stuffs.

    That was all from my side NOW Fell free to post any question here,I will be updating as i get more info.Also if i made any writing mistake please DM me i will correct them those who know and have played the map.Also if you want to add new tricks DM me or write it yourself. Thank you
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  2. Adysopitos

    Adysopitos Forum Apprentice

    My above post was actually posted on my discord server by me i just copied it so there might be errors.
  3. _ThePeace_

    _ThePeace_ Forum Greenhorn

    souls are too hard to get from this event unles you worked them from earlier event
  4. wil32

    wil32 Forum Apprentice

    Hi @Adysopitos... Just one thing... The "Key of Forever" worth 10.000 pearls base. It change if you have discounts. (Premium, discount, etc.).
  5. America

    America Active Author

    This has to be the worst start in 10 years for a birthday event. Feedback left.
  6. Waterloo1

    Waterloo1 Forum Greenhorn

    hi why my dalig Quests nort restat
  7. Swift

    Swift User

    You can only do 1 Big Portal each day. If you have all the Jewels you are able to choose which Quest (Big Portal) you would like to complete yes.
    The type of Jewels plays a part in which Big Portal you will receive as well as the amount. Some are more common than others, meaning that you are more likely to get some Big Portals than others, however, it is completely random as to which Jewels you receive.

    Thank you for your kind comments! :p

  8. fiziey

    fiziey Forum Apprentice

    pls give more radiant souls :(
  9. Mateu_Santos

    Mateu_Santos Someday Author

    • Event: We´ve added a the spawn announcement for the Novice of the Cult (1 map radius around the map)
      What does this mean? I don't understand it (1 map radius around the map)
  10. TEX~BULL

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    It means that an announcement will be shown in all maps touching the map where the Novice of Cult spawns.

  11. Mateu_Santos

    Mateu_Santos Someday Author

    Does it means that we will see where the Admiral spawns ?
  12. TEX~BULL

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    It only says Novice so I am not sure Checking on that now.



    From the info I have been provided there is an announcement with a three map radius for the Brother of the Cults.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2019
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  13. Adysopitos

    Adysopitos Forum Apprentice

    Hey there there is a quest of al AKHIR that say collect 10 jewel.

    i did accepted the quest and redeemed it and got Jewel of wealth what should i do with it?
  14. piranhahunter

    piranhahunter Forum Connoisseur

    • Event: We´ve change some balancing values of the “base event”. We´ve increased the chances to get Souls and also the amount of the Souls

    • we stil get only 1 cursed soul from lill npc and its still verry rare u get it
  15. Swift

    Swift User

    That can be used to open up Big Portals, same as if you got a jewel from the small portals.
    That patch takes place tomorrow; the change has not happened yet.

  16. Rabbid

    Rabbid Regular

    I've just come back after a few months and thought this event would be a good time to do it. Quite surprised how bad this event is compared to last year. I know last year had horrible lagg but you could make a lot of pearls in under an hour from mini games. This event must suck for smaller boats. Total disappointment we didn't get a great event like last year to celebrate the games own birthday.
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  17. jsk.

    jsk. Forum Greenhorn

    [Edit - English Only]
  18. Mateu_Santos

    Mateu_Santos Someday Author

    What time will be the sync/patch today ?
  19. ehturan1995

    ehturan1995 Forum Apprentice

    Anyone was able to open the Sound of Coins? The glitter big portal? We have tried many times to get one but we were not able to
  20. TEX~BULL

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    I am sorry but we do not have that information at this time.

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