The new skilltree

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    The new skilltree

    Ahoy pirates,

    A new skilltree will be implemented onto the sea chart and it will replace the old skilltree that you know from the website. This „older“ skilltree will be completely replaced by the new one.

    You find it in the menu bar when you access the sea chart:


    When you open it, you find an overview of 3 different skill sheets:


    With the choice of the skill sheet, you choose which path you want to go. Each skill sheet provides
    3 master skills. A tooltip describes the effect of the master skill:




    The master skills can be levelled up with skill points. You get the skill points for pearls and crystals. The level bar shows the process of the master skill.

    On the sea chart, you find a quick start bar with three icons of the different master skills. There you can activate your master skill during a battle and charge the different master skills.


    Below the master skills, there’s an overview of islands where you can set your skill points to raise the respective values. Important: The "tree“ of Islands begins down below, therefore you have to scroll down to start distributing your skill points on the different skills.


    With each skill point that you add to the Island, the different skills are upgraded. Which skills can be found on which Island can be found in the tooltip that opens when you hover above the Island.

    As soon as you’ve added a certain amount of skill points on a respective island, a blue path appears which gives you access to the next island and to new values. The different islands are divided into different tiers and a pre-condition to unlock a higher tier is to add skills to lower ones.

    Down below in the right corner of the new skill tree, there’s a possibility to use a "Reset“ token that you can use in case you want to change the distribution of particular skill points. You will not loose your skill points because you’ve bought them with pearls and crystals. At the moment, the tokens for resetting aren’t available yet.

    We have opened a
    discussion thread for you to leave your thoughts and comments.

    Your Seafight Team
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