The Regular Treasure Chests!!!!

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  1. [​IMG] unsure whats out there otherwise would prevent but cant lol......
  2. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Forum Ambassador

    Tex, I don't think he means an official buff, but an illegal one. An add-on like the BOTs. ;)
  3. -masterjedi-

    -masterjedi- Junior Expert

    this game is a total joke of course i mean an illegal one.they do exist which is why tex wouldnt bet his job.i guess people dont bot either and theres never been any kind of cheating on this game. cmon people
  4. Swift

    Swift Community Team Team Seafight


    The rewards for chests are not fixed for each chest. Once a chest is collected then and only then is a random reward calculated, therefore, it is impossible to see what a chest contains before it is collected as it simply does not have a reward at that point, "legally" or "illegally".

    However, if you have any suspicions, evidence or alike, please send all that information to Support.

    -masterjedi-, I would like to remind you that we as moderators are volunteers, offering our time and effort to help the community. While you may think we not do much, I can assure it is quite the opposite. As moderators we will not "bet" our position under any circumstances, nor would we want any player to quit.

    Anyhow, as this thread has now gone severely off topic this thread shall now be closed.

    Happy Sailing Pirates!

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