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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seren, Oct 15, 2021.

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  1. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    The Shadow of the Grand Vizier

    Ahoy Pirates,

    Please leave any feedback in this discussion thread, for your thoughts and comments on The Shadow of the Grand Vizier.

    Remember to stay within forum rules or you may find your forum privileges removed.

    Your Seafight Team
  2. PainDestroyer

    PainDestroyer Forum Apprentice

    I'm trying to figure out what time the event is starting. Was it meant to start 9 minutes ago?
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  3. jespil75

    jespil75 Forum Greenhorn

    I think it should but maybe the Bots wasent ready... Great job BP
  4. Buddylove158

    Buddylove158 Forum Greenhorn

    nice another crash party *Edit* FIX UR GAME i dont spend money not to play
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  5. PainDestroyer

    PainDestroyer Forum Apprentice

    Here is my feedback for this event.

    I'm hoping that the rewards are bugged because getting 1 cursed soul for killing a ship with 5mil HP is crazy especially when we need thousands of them. There is not enough ships on the water nor ship wrecks to even do the quests.

    It's like you need to seriously increase the rewards, increase the spawn times and defiantly increase the bosses HP and rewards too but it's probably already too late to even make this event any good now.
  6. lellu85

    lellu85 Regular

    Nice event, game doesnt work at all :O
  7. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight


    the server issues has been forwarded onto the developers.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

  8. avokate

    avokate Someday Author

    hellooo i want to say that is very difficult to make radiant or cursed souls this event ,,,if u can review the rewards for souls it will be good thanks
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  9. kekwkekw

    kekwkekw Someday Author

    It's impossible to get achievement packages in the market without botting or something... NPCs are extremely rare and reward is ludicrousness. I doubt that you can get every pack even with a bot running all event long. Another disgrace of an event.
  10. ..**Raju**..

    ..**Raju**.. Forum Apprentice

    It is also pleasant that I can get on seachart :)
    (global am1)

    UNHOLYREAPER Forum Greenhorn

    the server issues has been forwarded onto the developers.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    (WE) bp apologizes A lot​
  12. ..**Raju**..

    ..**Raju**.. Forum Apprentice

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  13. bonnie66

    bonnie66 Someday Author

    im trying to work out how to get the second fragment to carry on with the quests
  14. madsid1965

    madsid1965 Forum Greenhorn

    how do i get another engraved golden fragment i have 1 but need more if it is that you do the shadows linger how do i repeat this quest
  15. bonnie66

    bonnie66 Someday Author

    the qust took its time in showing up but got it now
  16. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Count Count

    I played for an hour or so yesterday and had no problem finding and sinking 20+ event ships and participated in shooting 2 of the admirals, all without leaving the map I was in. The admiral spawns often enough that in that hour, two spawned in the map I was in. And they were easy to find as they show on the mini map.

    From my experience so far, I don't see the spawn rate of any of the event ships as a problem... However, the soul payout on this event, I fully agree that they are very low and it will be hard to gain much from the event items in the Shop.
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  17. Rickje

    Rickje Forum Greenhorn


    Please use English language.
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  18. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight


    your feedback has been forwarded.

    Engraved Golden Fragment can be obtained from the daily event quest "Shadows Linger".

  19. Broedie

    Broedie Forum Greenhorn

    when will the eventchests be changed for normal chests
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