The Wrath of Calypso. (2015)

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  1. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    The Wrath of Calypso.

    The Wrath of Calypso - from 12 noon (local server time) on 12th February and ending at the end of the day on 26th February

    The Wrath of Calypso features the following:

    New Epeius ship design

    New Hippocamp pet
    Oracle of Delphi
    Special Zones
    Heart breaker Ammo
    Lost Love and Unstoppable Action Items!

    The event will start from 12 noon (local server time) on 12th February and ending at noon on 26th February (local server time).

    The second stage will start on 19th February at noon (local server time).

    The Black Market will end on 2nd March (local server time) at 23:59.

    During the Wrath of Calypso you will find three event NPCs on the Sea Chart the whole time; Penelope, Telemachos and Odysseus. The Penelope NPC can be shot with gold ammo and will sail over all PvP maps. When she gets killed a special Lost Love zone will spawn where she dies. If you manage to lure the Odysseus NPC into this zone you will make a lot more damage against him, making him much easier to kill! Against Odysseus you need to use pearl ammo.

    You are also able to create your own Lost Love zone which works in the same way as the one Penelope drops. You can buy the Lost Love zone as an item in the Black Market or payment section. It can be used on all NPCs except Admiral NPCs, Guild Towers and monsters.

    Telemachos is the main source for Cursed Souls
    Odysseus the main source for Radiant souls
    Penelope remains a gold NPC, but here purpose is to make smaller players happy and deliver some event ammo

    During the first part of the event from 12th February, Sirens will appear on the PvP maps. They can cast a special Sirens Singing zone which will make any player standing inside it “Infatuated”! This Infatuated debuff causes you to temporarily lose control of your ship and move around randomly for 10 seconds. Although you can’t shoot whilst being infatuated, you are able to use all of your Action Items.

    As soon as the Infatuated debuff is triggered by any player, the Sirens Singing zone will disappear for a short period of time. After a certain time or as her health goes down the zone will get triggered again, eventually getting bigger until it is finally too big for even the most far reaching cannons to shoot! Therefore, one player must sacrifice himself and sail into the zone which will cause it to temporarily disappear. If several players are standing inside the Sirens Singing zone when it is activated they will all get Infatuated! You can use the rare new Unstoppable Action Item to break free from this infatuation (more information below)!

    During the second part of the event, from 19th February. Calypso will spawn to avenge the death of her beloved Odysseus! When an Odysseus NPC gets sunk there is a 5% chance that his death will result in Calypso spawning. Calypso has a huge amount of hit points and will be accompanied by 4 Tentacles! These Tentacles can be shot with gold ammo but will keep respawning as Calypso’s hit points get reduced. As soon as Calypso has been sunk, all remaining Tentacles will despawn. To fight against Calypso you need to use pearl ammo.

    The rewards from Penelope are Cursed Souls and are shared depending on how much damage you make against it. However, you must make at least 15% damage in order to qualify to get any reward.

    The rewards from Odysseus are Radiant Souls and crystals and are also shared depending on how much damage you make.

    The rewards from the Sirens are pearls and Radiant Souls depending on how much damage you make but you have to cause at least 5% damage against the Sirens to get the souls.

    The Tentacle’s give items such as crystals, a 60 pounder, mojos and black power to the player who makes the last shot to sink it.

    Finally, the Calypso drops pearls which are shared depending on how much damage you make against it.

    All NPCs also give some Experience Points as a reward.

    Oracle of Delphi

    These will be available over all PVP maps and must be shot with Harpoons. Rewards include Heartbreaker Ammo, the Hailstorm action item and gems including a chance to get a Clear Ruby gem!

    What rewards can I get from the Event Ranking?

    Points can be obtained by making the most damage against any of the Event NPCs. At the end of the event the rewards will be as follows:

    1st place: 15x Firestorm Cannons & 1x Libra Bonus Map
    2nd place: 10x Firestorm Cannons & 1x Aquarius Bonus Map
    3rd place: 5x Firestorm Cannons & 1x Aquarius Bonus Map
    4th and 5th place: 1x Aquarius Bonus Map

    4 Random players*: 1x Taurus Bonus Map

    1 Random player*: 10x Firestorm Cannons & 1x Taurus Bonus Map.

    *who finished in position 1 - 100 in the event ranking.

    Please note that due to the prizes being given out randomly, players can win more than once!

    The Event Treasure Chest contain various items including Heartbreaker Ammo, the new Lost Love Action Item and crystals. Upon opening an Event Chest, you are also guaranteed to get either one Cursed or Radiant Soul.

    Cursed and Radiant Souls can be used to purchase items in the Black Market! These items include the new Ship Design and new Pet (both of which will be available from 26th February, 12 noon local server time). The classic Aeronautilus ship design from last year will also be available. Other items available in the Black Market during the event include the Snake Keys, Heartbreaker Ammo as well as the Lost Love and Unstoppable Action Items. Buff items including the Polished Muzzles and Barricaded Top Deck will also be available. From 12 noon on 26th February you will also be able to get your hands on the new Voodoo Buff Items first released last month.

    New Ship Design

    Epeius - Available for Souls in the Black Market:

    · Immaculate Lapis Lazuli (75,000 Hit Points)
    · Smooth Sodalite (9,5% Dodge Chance)
    · Shining Ruby (14% Cannon Damage)
    · Cut Rose Quartz (5% Hit Probability)

    New Pet

    Hippocamp - available for Souls in the Black Market:

    · 5% Critical Hit Chance
    · 15,000 Voodoo Points

    The mighty and extremely rare Unstoppable action item allows you to instantly stop the effect of certain debuffs such as Smokebombs, Freezing and the Infatuated debuff. However, the item does not stop the effect of Speed debuffs. Due to the impressiveness of this item it will be extremely rare. There will be a cooldown of 5 minutes in-between uses of this item.

    The Lost Love action item can be bought in the Black Market and works like the zone spawned after Penelope is killed. It can ONLY be used against NPCs, but not against Calypso, Admirals, Island Towers and Monsters. The zone will be dropped where you use the item.

    If the item is overlapped on the Sea Chart it will not cause more damage. The zone will last for 1 minute and there is a cooldown on the item of 10 minutes before you can use it again. It can ONLY be used on the main Sea Chart (ie: not on any of the other maps such as the Bonus Maps, Raid Map or Kraken Map).

    The Heartbreaker ammo will cause a huge damage of 90! When using the ammo there is also a 3% chance of causing the Infatuated debuff against other players or NPC ships (this debuff does not work on the Calypso, Admirals or Island Towers). This ammo will cause a greatly increased damage against all of the Event NPCs.

    There will be several payment packages available during the event including packages for Snake Keys, Heartbreaker Ammo and the Lost Love Action Item.

    What happens with my Souls and event keys at the end of the event?

    The Cursed and Radiant Souls will be exchanged for in-game items at the end of the event. Specific details will be revealed nearer the end of the event. The Snake Keys will also be replaced by normal chest keys at a ratio of 1:1.

  2. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Part II of the Wrath of Calypso has begun!

    As an additional reward, the player who causes the most amount of damage against Calypso will receive a random level 12 Gem!

    Please note: in order to receive a share of the pearl and EXP reward you must cause at least 3% damage against Calypso.
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  3. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight


    Due to some complaints about it, we have synced the removal of the 3% threshold required for the Calypso in order to gain pearls as a reward.
  4. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    After the Black Market is closed, the souls will be exchanged for Heartbreaker ammo at a ratio of 50 Heartbreaker Ammo per 1 Cursed Soul and 100 Heartbreaker Ammo per 1 Radiant Soul. In addition, the event keys will be exchanged with normal treasure chest keys.
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