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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rymar, Apr 11, 2024.

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  1. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Forum Ambassador

    What's happened to the 5th daily quest in Atlantis. I got 5 the first day, but the two days since, it stops at 4.
  2. Daboyzz!

    Daboyzz! Junior Expert

    How does the Math for this event work. I get sunk once and lose over 6000 eggs. OMG that is very stupid. Takes hours to make that many. I can see losing 10% but over 50% cmon.
  3. _yköne_

    _yköne_ Forum Apprentice

    Ill make suggestion to event: add 1000 egg/2 cannon overlord package to smugglers, and raise aura using limit to 1,5 k. This way more smaller players can benefit from this event, cos now its a complete joke
  4. Disaster2604

    Disaster2604 Junior Expert

    The more you have the more you lose, yeah its not balanced and silly.
  5. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Ahoy Bawdyn!

    Perhaps this is a secret quest which we yet have to uncover.

    Ahoy Daboyzz!!

    Everything depends on the difference amount between your opponent and your eggs.

    If you own 6 000 Eggs and your opponent own 0 he/she will obtain plenty of eggs from you.

    If your amounts are closer, like yours 6 000 and your opponent 5 000 then amount lost / gained will be much lower.

    Additionally eggs are removed after X amount of HP / VP has been taken of you.

  6. .Kenze.

    .Kenze. Old Hand

    Finnally bp listen to us! Read forum/Patch day forum.About time! :mad:
  7. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Forum Ambassador

    According to the FAQ, there are 5 daily Atlantis quests, the secret quests would be in addition to that. And the first day did have 5 and that would have been before I unlocked any secret quests.

    Event Quests
    • Nautica:
      • There will be 5 quests (4 normal and 1 daily)
    • Atlantis:
      • There will be 5 quests (5 daily) <----
    There will be secret quests during the event.
  8. .Kenze.

    .Kenze. Old Hand

    I got only 3 today.Hmm..

    • Scar Debuffed users can no longer gain Sweet Dragon Eggs from PvP (they already could not get them from the Sharks) Say what??Didnt you say that scar was not able to get anything???I would have red head and be very ashame if I was you!:confused:
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  9. Dream~Crusher

    Dream~Crusher Someday Author

    This is the most idiotic event of all time! I lost half of my eggs to the periodic removal. Then I hunted the next day to rebuild them, and had 5,067 to buy myself ten Level-3 Overlords. I got to the boundary of safe haven and had 5 seconds left and got attacked. I lost 1,200 eggs!

    Why can't the developers do something right? The recent changes helped, but not enough. We can't tell when another player takes our eggs (and they get them by just shooting us, too, not necessarily by sinking us). All losses have the obscure title: "Event mechanic".

    Why don't they review previous events like this before running it again? When this last ran, I had over 20,000 eggs (multiple times) and visited all 3 smugglers each time. Try doing that now!

    Lastly, a strong bully can target a player and take their eggs and there isn't anything a player can do. There is no grog master to protect your assets earned. You cannot use an aura. It is just a total joke, and not worth even trying to do. Another big failure.:(
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  10. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Ahoy Bawdyn!

    I've got just 4 quests within the Atlantis but once all 4 are done there is still grey ? above one of the quest givers which makes me believe that the hidden (or secret) quest is still there to be uncovered.

    At the moment I can do these quests (Atlantis):

    - 8mln to Krakaton
    - 3 Progeny Alpha
    - 3 Progeny + Krakaton
    - 10mln to Progeny Alpha

    Ahoy .Kenze.!

    Yes, scar debuffed players were able to collect some rewards (eggs) from sharks - but there was no option to exchange them for anything, so such eggs would only decay. This was resolved within the last sync.

  11. hoollgan

    hoollgan Forum Apprentice

    разграждането на толкова много всеки час е твърде много!!! 35% на всеки час??? в противен случай има достатъчно събития на картите за събиране!
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2024
  12. hoollgan

    hoollgan Forum Apprentice

    Yes, it's a stupid mistake to lose eggs on every shot from an opponent, let it be when he is fully immersed as a prey from him > that would have been a pleasant surprise for the winner :)
  13. BOMBER890

    BOMBER890 Advanced

    Haven't played this event much but its so bad ... Last year we got 500 eggs per shark and now we get 90-130 but the prices at the traders stayed the same. Shark spawns are still too low and pvp isn't balanced at all for eggs . Crazy how you make an event worse after years of doing it .
  14. pukutis_

    pukutis_ Forum Apprentice

    realy nice shooting hours to get eggs waiting for time to exchange them and seconds when you can start exchanging you do this?
    2024-04-17 21:29:20
    2011x Sweet Dragon Eggs was/were removed. Reason: Event mechanic.
    why not take after the exhange if people did not use them????
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  15. SeaWolf[BG]

    SeaWolf[BG] Someday Author

    I cant see traders.
  16. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Ahoy SeaWolf[BG]!

    Traders are out right now, open your sea chart (world map) and hover your mouse over every SH.

    Some will display traders within (Smuggling Jack etc.).

  17. *Ronaldeninge*

    *Ronaldeninge* Forum Apprentice

    wow top event i had finaly 7 k eggs
    2 min before trading 1 shoot me so minus 2700 eggs and 1 minute before trading also minus agg for event tax!!!!!
    so bey bey overlord 3

    really its hard to make a good players event
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  18. KingWithoutaCrown

    KingWithoutaCrown Forum Greenhorn

    what level is the gems of the event pet and what are they pls answer
  19. zwaardvis

    zwaardvis Forum Apprentice

    Mini Game ???
  20. -Lathander-

    -Lathander- Someday Author

    why does the mission giver Rex Harrington always remain gray? I do all the event missions.
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