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    Transmogrification system


    One pirate's prey is another pirate's nemesis - every corsair makes his own rules or has her own way of handling each challenge as it comes up. With our new gemtransmogrification system, you will now have even more fine-tuned control over your buccaneering style. Change and tweak your ship's design to determine its stats and abilities yourself, and sail forth into battle looking and fighting the way you want to!

    Starting now, all ship abilities and advantages will be bound to gems, which you can replace or swap around easily between sockets. Whether what you want is the swiftest ship in history, a hold crammed to bursting with Voodoo Points, or a hull thick enough to withstand anything - now you can personalize any design whose look you like to suit yourself!

    Transmogification system

    The transmogification system makes it possible for you to transfer bonuses from one ship to another and then to recombine them.

    The ship bonuses are therefore coupled to gems. These must then be put in one of five slots which can be found on board your ship.

    In the first step of transmogrification, all ship bonuses will be transferred to the gems, so that the slots on all your ships will already be loaded with gems.

    Please be aware – it is important to remember to check the warning pop-ups carefully when they appear. With milestone 2 of the Transmogrification System you will be able to remove a Gem from one ship and put it into the inventory or directly into another ship so make sure you check everything through before you click to accept the changes! Once you have removed a Gem from a ship and accepted the changes, that ship will no longer have the same statistics.
    Even more critical – it is also possible to delete gems by overwriting them. Therefore, if you don’t want to lose any gems, you must first move the Gem you want to replace from the ship into the Inventory before putting a new Gem in its place!
    As the Gems are standard for all players no matter what Elite Level you are, we made a few alterations to the Elite Level system. Therefore, we introduced an Elite Level 0 so that players without any Elite Points would still get the basic ship stats from a new design. We have also slightly reworked the way the Elite Levels affect your ship stats. The Gems are exactly the same for all players and the following additional buffs will be applied to your ship depending on your Elite Level so that you have the same stats as before, or in some cases slightly improved stats:

    Elite level 4 and below: no bonus

    Elite level 5 – 14: +5,000 Hit Points, +5,000 Voodoo Points, +1% Cannon damage

    Elite level 15 – 24: +10,000 Hit Points, +10,000 Voodoo Points, +2% Cannon damage

    Elite level 25 and above: +15,000 Hit Points, +15,000 Voodoo Points, +3% Cannon damage.

    So, in the ship equipment screen of Transmo MS2 the buffs from Odyseus (maybe also for Telemachos) are displayed a bit differently, because you don’t see you elite level bonus. It shows only the base values. But of course, you get the elite level bonus! So a player with elite level 27 don't get just 13 % bonus damage (like in the ship equipment screen shown), but you gets the 16% of course.

    Which bonuses from elite level you have, will be shown in the Transmo MS4.

    So, don’t worry, nobody will loose any buffs or values. They will be the same although they are displayed differently.

    Please note that certain rules apply when recombining bonuses.

    Gems, Slots and Rules

    Gems are divided into different categories: (colors), skills (bonuses) and levels.
    Your ship designs are equipped with different slots corresponding to these categories.

    Every gem must be put in one of its corresponding slots.
    Every gem bonus only occurs once – the level does not play a role here.
    The ship configurator is used to insert gems into slots.

    Cannon damage
    Harpoon damage
    Boarding bonus

    Blockade breaker
    ELP bonus
    EP bonus
    Poison reduction
    PvP damage
    Battle point bonus
    Extra NPC gold
    Treasure chest bonus


    Hit points
    Voodoo points
    Damage reduction
    Repair speed

    Safe Harbour

    To replace or move gems on the ship, it may be necessary to have some quiet time. This can be achieved by sailing to a safe harbour.

    These safe harbours are linked to certain charts and rankings can be seen if you open the "world map" - it folds out when you click on the icon above the mini map.

    Note the tabs with white towers, located next to the maps.

    They are seen in the example on the left side of the maps 17-1 and 7-4, as well as on the right side of the map 12-2.

    It is deeply ingrained in every pirate that seeks, to make a move to the left of the map 15-1 or right of the map 14-2, you get a friendly message that "you can not switch maps. Try somewhere else".

    This will stay the same apart from the maps with the tower-tabs.

    If you sail to the edge, you will simply see a completely normal short-change button.

    Click on the button - and you have found safe harbour.

    Why ship can not get to a safe harbour?

    Have you tried to visit a safe harbour - without the correct map access?

    You probably just been in combat. Safe Harbours are meant for the purpose of fitting your ships properly and not for wars, nor for strategic warfare.

    On leaving the shelters, the ships are located anywhere on the chart, you came from. One can even risking ending up in the middle of a hostile island. However do not fear, the first few seconds of normal map can not be attacked by either the enemy or NPC. This should give you time to evade the island, npc or indeed an oposing pirate.
    Ship configurator

    The ship configurator can be reached via the Safe Harbour.

    From here, you can take the gems out of your gem inventory and insert them into the slots of your ship designs.

    The following modifications can be carried out through gem configuration:

    Insert gems
    Remove gems

    Replace Gems
    You can also mark your favorite designs in the configurator so that they appear first in the list of all your designs.


    Ship selector
    The ship selector provides an overview of your favorite ships and makes it possible for you to swap ships directly on the sea chart.

    A switch is only possible when:

    You are not involved in battle.
    A certain amount of time has passed since the last swap.

    Polish gems

    It is also possible for you to improve the level of your gems.

    The Gemcutter can upgrade gems for you in the Safe Harbor.

    Here's how it works:

    All four slots must be filled with gems of the same level. The category doesn't play a role here. (Special category gems cannot be polished and will therefore not be listed in the inventory)

    All four gems have a 25% basic chance of being polished to a gem of the next level. In this process, the other three gems will be used up. With every polishing attempt, there is a small chance that a level will be skipped (but not past the maximum level).

    The polishing process can be repeated until you get the gem you want.

    By adding certain items, the basic upgrade chance of each individual gem can be influenced in order to manipulate the outcome.

    The newly created and accepted gems are put directly in the inventory and can be used in the configurator.
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