Treasure Map Time! (Mini Game)

Discussion in 'Official Forum Games' started by Rymar, Oct 6, 2023.

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  1. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Treasure Map Time!

    Pirates are a band of robbers who will stop at nothing to get their coveted treasure.

    We just got this map that leads to a big treasure.

    The story of the old pirates who also went to the treasure was attached to it.

    Along the way, they left hints so that other explorers could also try this adventure.

    Can you find all the clues according to the story to get the reward at the end of the journey?

    Time: 06/10 – 09/10

    How to play:
    • Read the story and follow the path. The numbers given in certain parts of the story determine which letters and in what order you should note them down.
    • You will get the full code at the end of the journey.
    • Write the code without any spaces between the letters.
    • Try not to share the code once you find it!


    We came in from the northwest and anchored (1).

    We sailed in boats to a small island near (2) and then proceeded to the bay where we moored the boats (3).

    We walked east to the old crater of an extinct volcano (4) and from there along the river southwest to a narrow bay (5).

    We spotted a ship near the coast.

    When we swam to it, it was abandoned, but functional (6).

    We went with her to the east where we were almost sunk by a huge whale (7).

    We sailed around a small, deserted island and they saw a flock of swordfish (8) leaping out of the water.

    On the right side we saw a mountainous island dominated by a large snow-capped mountain.

    Suddenly, the ship began to rock from side to side, tilting dangerously so that half of the equipment on board fell into the sea.

    As the ship regained its stability, we saw a huge sea monster sailing away to the north that looked like a huge sea serpent with barbs on its back.

    We turned the rudder to the southeast to avoid another collision, but our ship was so badly damaged that it began to sink.

    On the wreckage of the ship, we swam to a smaller sailboat with ribbed sails (9) and set off with it to the southern coast of Ostrava lying in the north, on which 3 snow-capped mountains (10) could already be seen from a distance.

    When we restocked and returned to the ship, we sailed between the two islands and sailed to the northeast where we met a sea turtle (11) so huge that it covered almost the entire channel between the islands.

    We sailed through a small crevasse to the north, where we saw the work of destruction of this huge turtle.

    The wreck of the ship (12) lay abandoned by the coast and only the mast and part of the bow protruded from the water. Sad look.

    A strong storm began to approach us from the north, so we turned the helm to the east and anchored by the largest island in sight.

    Equipped with the necessary supplies, mainly rum, we set off inland.

    We crossed the river and came to the castle, which was dominated by a single circular tower (13). It was already getting dark, so we went to sleep.

    But the mysterious castle did not allow us peace, so we went north to explore the rest of the island even after dawn.

    We crossed two mountains and reached a valley.

    In the middle of the valley there was a large X made of stones on the ground, so we started digging and unearthed a large chest full of gold, jewels, and gems (14).

    We liked the island so much that we settled here, founded a settlement, and put piracy on the nail.

    At least, for now …


    Try not to share the code once you find it!

    Your Seafight Team
  2. phatty-Boastrike

    phatty-Boastrike Junior Expert

    Aaaarrrggghhh! i think i like this little story, but i don't have the code!
  3. pwaalios

    pwaalios Advanced

    Great thanks for the story and rewards. Phatty - just follow the story and marks on the map.
  4. m0zilla

    m0zilla Forum Apprentice

    оo yes
  5. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Forum Ambassador

    Interesting story and good puzzle. One hint, only use the 14 letters from the story, not the letters for other things you see in the story. Nice rewards too! Thanks!
  6. gure55

    gure55 Forum Apprentice

  7. -Lathander-

    -Lathander- Someday Author


    what a beautiful story and nice rewards.

  8. thebermudatriangle

    thebermudatriangle Forum Greenhorn

    nice story and thank you for the rewards

    HALIMAW Forum Apprentice

    hehehe! phatty open your eye and put down the rum
  10. talons

    talons Forum Greenhorn

  11. phatty-Boastrike

    phatty-Boastrike Junior Expert

    Aaarrgghh! I found the booty! a round of rum to the crew and grog for the wenches... argh!
  12. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Ahoy Pirates!

    Thank you for your feedback!

    Since this game ended I shall close this thread.


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