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  1. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Trial of the Apprentice Sale

    There will be another “Trial of the Apprentice Sale” (Quest Completion) from Monday, 21st September at 12 noon (local server time) until Saturday, 26th September at 12 noon (local server time).


    There are 3 packages (one time buyable):
    • Legacy of the Vovoi
      • 15x Life Preserver Level 4
      • 7x Cancer Hull
      • 125x Simbi Amulet
      • 125x Triton's Crown
      • 1,500x Crystals
      • 25,000Crowns
      • 1x Vovoi Compass

    • Legacy of the Asar
      • 10x Devastator Level 5
      • 7x King's Legacy
      • 7x Queen's Legacy
      • 25x Homing Mine
      • 75x Dragonfire Level 2
      • 3,000x Crystals
      • 1x Asar Compass

    • Legacy of the Gisnu
      • 10x Painbringer Level 4
      • 7x Gemini Secundus Hull
      • 7x Ethereal Scales
      • 30x Contact Mine
      • 30x Blood of the Inya
      • 5,000x Yulong Coins
      • 100,000x Crowns
      • 1x Gisnu Compass

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