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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ..¨Zerب.., Aug 4, 2022.

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  1. ..¨Zerب..

    ..¨Zerب.. Forum Apprentice

    Ahoy pirates.
    When reporting to Yang Jin in map 34, I try and start the Four Elements and its not lit up. The earth bound quest is there and i am able to start it daily. I have collected correct amounts of bowls, gourds, feathers, and clods of earth. all are 7/7.
    Why am i not able to start the pirate test for lvl 35 ?
    please help and Thanks in advance
  2. bonnie66

    bonnie66 Someday Author

    have you tried moving as close to the quest giver sometimes that happens also how many quest have u got open that could also be a factor or open the quest giver once you get there
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  3. djt182

    djt182 Junior Expert

    is there another factor you've missed i.e. EP level may not be at right level?
  4. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Ahoy ..¨Zerب..!

    Please complete the daily quest "Earthbound" again and visit the quest giver Yang Jin this should resolve your issue.

    Please make sure to finish your daily quest "Earthbound" manually, otherwise you won't be able to accept your pirate test.

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  5. ..¨Zerب..

    ..¨Zerب.. Forum Apprentice

    Thank you all it is now complete.
  6. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight

    I am glad to hear that your issue has been resolved.

    Happy Sailing Pirate!


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