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    there is a chance that every hour one of the maps of Almahareen Region is plagued by a Sandstorm (more info here). The Sandstrom last for 1 hour and then will vanish or move to another map.


    The icons you see on the Sea Chart state the following:

    A Sandstorm is active in the area. Your ship will suffer constant damages, and dangerous enemies now roam the seas.


    Akma'het has been defeated. Al' Mahareen is at peace and will suffer fewer sandstorms.

    Sandstorm Buff
    The sandstorm affects all players on that map, players are damaged continually on a effected map. All players on a map with a sandstorm get a special new buff (+10% Speed, -10% Visibility).

    During a sandstorm special NPCs spawn on the map (more info here).

    Hope it helps
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    As your fellow pirate has explained it is Sandstorm Icon. Has their explanation cleared things up for you?


    As player has not responded

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