while seafight slowly sinks

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  1. Meanwhile, back at the desk of the 'developers' new item rollouts and sales keep filling up the out-basket, but none of the in-basket items are addressed...like the overwhelming amount of players using bot programs....game glitches...and one boring event after another.
    thanks for making the game more enjoyable and playable for the cheaters who spend 24/7 farming currency...
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  2. Jumbo76

    Jumbo76 Someday Author

    Here's how I view it, a heartfelt response to BP..

    You've let BOTS and AUTOTARGETS kill your own game. You will not enforce your own the rules leading to Seafigh's demise.

    Since you have updated to IL2CPP within the unity client, some 3rd party programs are down.

    Now the sad thing is you start to notice most of these bot players who aren't currently playing at all right now because of the circumstances do not really play the game and don't care about it. I've been in the top 20 event ranking for the first time since I'm guessing 2010? That will just go to show you, these bot players are a cancer and don't actually put any meaningful time into the game they are destroying! Once these programs go back up ill be in my regular ranking spot of 100-120..

    Weed this cancer out of the game and merge the servers. Give us some more good years on seafight.

    Sincerely, Jumbo.
  3. -Mr.Eyüp-

    -Mr.Eyüp- Someday Author

    I sign this one & agree 101%!!!! As the autotarget been down also people have been activ, it's been war's that we have'nt seen in many years. The developer of the biggest bot program is back in just few days, and we will again see a game gonna die out again if Bigpoint dont start run scripts and do anything..... The possible too stop them are there, we have seen it now last couple days. We players here are asking u Bigpoint to let us gain back trust too you, and as i see it, a win win here for stop this once and for all.....
  4. Jumbo76

    Jumbo76 Someday Author

    Seafight has the most loyal fan base for any MMO I've ever seen.

    For there to be this many passionate fans of a game still playing to this day after there has been cheaters and bots running rampant for a decade is quite something. It speaks volumes when players still play after all of this has gone on for years. It is nice to see BP acknowledge us on discord but it's not enough. All 3rd party programs must DIE once and for all!
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