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Discussion in 'The Players' started by CrazyWulfy, Jan 2, 2018.

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  1. CrazyWulfy

    CrazyWulfy Junior Expert

    Hey played this game on and off for 9 years, tired of wasting so much money and getting nothing in return while the game is going down the drain, soon there will be 100 players left after all servers are merged and down to 5 maps. Congrats on ruining what could of been the best game. Take care everyone, I'll still be watching on the forums or course.(until dead).
  2. Destruction

    Destruction Old Hand

    All the best in the future buddy, I hope leaving this game brings brighter horizons.

    Kind regards,
  3. HMS-Courageous

    HMS-Courageous Forum Apprentice

    you will not be alone that is for sure. Good luck in your future pursuit of quality entertainment time.
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  4. lonely_without_you

    lonely_without_you Someday Author

    good luck,this game is dead 3 years..mony play..
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