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    DARKPREDATOR Forum Apprentice

    how can i do this by myself to get to lev 17
    Quests: Level 16 - 17 before you can view and attempt this Test.
  2. HolyPotatoz

    HolyPotatoz Forum Apprentice

    If I'm understanding your issue correctly, you're wondering how to find the Akkorospawn to complete the pirate test to level 17.

    Referring to the Seafight bible, the Akkorospawn spawns on map 1 and 28/1.

    As for the rest of the quests, they should also be perfectly accessible to be completed in the order as you have linked yourself.
    You have to complete all 'regular' quests (which does not include any daily quest unlocked) before getting access to the Pirate Test, and you will also need to make sure you have the required EP to even be allowed to accept it, which you can earn by doing daily quests from various quest-givers you have unlocked so far, found here: https://board-en.seafight.com/threads/daily-quests-levels-1-20.171927/

    I hope this answered your question :)

    Hitpoints: 10,000,000.
    Boarding Value: 15,000.

    Reward for Boarding:
    20x Triton's Blessing (chance).
    5x Triton's Benevolence (chance).
    2x Triton's Crowns (chance).

    Reward for Destroying (Damage Share):
    40x Triton's Blessing (chance).
    20x Triton's Benevolence (chance).
    4x Triton's Crowns (chance).

    Map Locations: 1 and 28/1.
  3. periklis1GR-CYP-PA

    periklis1GR-CYP-PA Forum Greenhorn


    DARKPREDATOR Forum Apprentice

    i really was asking can i do this by myself or in a group.its a lot of hitpoints to kill it

    DARKPREDATOR Forum Apprentice

    ok thank you.had to do it running and shooting took 40 mins to kill but finnish quest
  6. ~turnip~

    ~turnip~ Old Hand

    heya. good to see you got it done. for future reference, this can be done solo or in a group, as long as you get the final shot.

    If you don't get the final shot then it won't count towards the quest and you'll have to shoot another.

    An example of how to do it as a group could be as follows: 5 of you group together and shoot the akkorospawn down to 100,000 hitpoints, the other 4 members of your group would then stop shooting it at 100,000 hitpoints and allow you to kill the remaining hitpoints. You kill the remainder by yourself to ensure you get the final shot and this would count towards your quest.

    hope this helps :)
  7. Shelby1

    Shelby1 Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Thank you all for your suggestions etc. As OP has completed the task we shall now close

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