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  1. мя.uLαѕ

    мя.uLαѕ Someday Author

    Hello i am new to seafight and i want to know if i need only the 2 kind of reputation for my trofies.
    or i have to grow and other kind of reputation ? and if yes why ?

    also how can i make fast yulong coins.

    i am so sorry to put so many questions but i just try to grow as fast as posible.
  2. Oskar

    Oskar Forum Apprentice

    But if you want the answer to your question yes you only need those two kinds of reputations for you trophies. There is one other kind of reputation that you might want for another purpose. At lvl 31+ you can start collecting reputation by just shooting npcs in map lvl 31-40. After reaching 10k reputation you can start gaining yulong coins from the lion map.

    Answer to your second question: You don't make fast yulong coins. It takes months to get all the cannon slots especially if you are a legit f2p. But the ways you can get them is by doing daily quests, shooting small the npcs in 31-40 map all day, some events have started to give decent yulong and if you have the reputation required the lionmap is probably your best bet if you have some friends to defend you in there.
  3. bodean

    bodean Forum Inhabitant

    What's the hurry? Just start in a pve server and take your time and learn the game. It really is enjoyable and that way and you meet good friends. After all it is just a game. (See my face? I have been on seacrack a long time-lol). Sorry I meant to say seafight! As far as your questions go, just listen to the advice given here by the other pirates. That has always helped me.

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Have your fellow pirates helped you with your query?

  5. мя.uLαѕ

    мя.uLαѕ Someday Author

    how is called that reputation from 31-40 map ?
  6. мя.uLαѕ

    мя.uLαѕ Someday Author

    and how i get it as fast as possible?
  7. Oskar

    Oskar Forum Apprentice

    Inferno Overseers
    Monsoon Lords
    Quake Conquerors
    Tempest Masters
    You will need 10k reputation of each to get the most out of the lionmap,

    The only way to get these is to shoot npcs on map 31-40 every npc gives a diffrent kind of reputation which npc gives what you can find in the General FAQ here on the forum
    There is no strategy or anything to get them faster just stand there and shoot npcs untill you fall asleep and then to it again the next day and the next.
  8. мя.uLαѕ

    мя.uLαѕ Someday Author

    and how many yulong a lion map npc will give?
  9. Oskar

    Oskar Forum Apprentice

    5-20 for the small ones the big ones I don't know exactly but at least a couple hundred if you are a few people shooting
  10. -pysa-*

    -pysa-* Someday Author

    we have the old original trophies and the more new one's. and you need 2 different reputations. you can DUBBLE your amount of reputation if you buy the slashing blades premium. like 10 $ a month. you get yulong from events and yulong from 31-40 npc's. but there are no ways to make it fast

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